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By Janine - 11 Oct 2017

In Reference to: 8 October 2017 - Making Idols before God

Dear Frank and Mary,

You are absolutely right in pointing out what is bound to be correct, not only from Paul's point of view, but from those of us who believe fully in the vegan way of life...and YOU, Frank and Mary can both be instrumental in bringing about this change...

What you quoted, (see again, below)

13. Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,

In other words, donít dwell in the past, and the things we might have been able to do better, but instead look forward to doing better in the heavenly will of God.   Look beyond all the evil that is in the world and the people who are making idols before God.

14. I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. NASB

This is our homecoming.   This is living in the heavenly will of God.   This will be our heavenly abode.   Amen.

Here's my suggestion, Frank and Mary:

I do believe that the time is "right" for implementing what is already starting to take place among Jewish Rabbis, by doing something similar, NOW, among Christian Pastors and other Christian Leaders, and then get additional religious leaders to follow suit! I think I sent you a reference to the letter that was signed by 75 or so Rabbis, and that you had also mentioned you had read it...

What about drafting such a letter and getting signatures and spreading a similar message, as well? Do you agree with the three main points that were brought up in the letter that those 75 or so Rabbis had signed, which were, I believe,

(1.) Compassion against animals who suffer (factory farms, etc.);

(2.) Environment (climate change, and other ecological calamities are influenced by man's actions); and

(3.) Health (of the individual who becomes vegan) Don't you think there should be more than just these three points???

Again, look at the very last statement,

14. I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. NASB

"upward call of G-d"

I do believe that NOW is the time to act, and heed this upward call, for YOU have a calling, Frank and Mary, and that is to spread the vegan message. G-d might be calling YOU to action, did this thought occur to you?

Why is the time right, at the present, here and now, Frank and Mary? Well, it's simple, really...

In order to gain impetus and to "go somewhere" with it, strength is in numbers. Just like there have been 75 Rabbis who have just last month signed that letter, do you not think that there might indeed also be even more than 75 Christian leaders who are willing to "step up" and commit, and sign such a similar letter, as well?

Or am I mistaken, and are you the only Christian Pastor who feels able to stand up to the truth, with integrity, and being bold enough to even draft such a similar letter and spread the word, with meeting-of-the-mind among those who just might get it maybe for the first time, when they see the Word and make the connection to their lifestyle that could be changed to that of living the life first as a believer in Christ,and then, also, as a vegan which, as your sermons often point out, is the correct Christian way of living?

Maybe some of us need to take care as to not be 'labeled' as making "veganism" our false G-d (I've heard mention of that in Judaism to which Rabbis had to defend their views, when others said they were doing that, (putting emphasis on veganism as a false G-d) just imagine how misguided people are when they distort the truth when it strikes a true cord and bothers their hearts and their conscious feelings...) Also, just be aware that some unhappy individuals also point the finger and blame others who speak the truth, and call them fall prophets because they don't want to hear the facts the way they are, and they vilify the person, and busy themselves by subverting the true sacred words and do please try to continue to be protected against evil gossip and slander.

In faith and with heartfelt blessings



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