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By Janine - 14 Mar 2018

In Reference to: 11 March 2018 - Fighting God Never Solves Anything

Dear Mary and Frank,

Hope this message finds you well and happier. This message certainly is carefully written.

Indeed --- really LOVED your most recent brilliant sermon, Frank.

Am asking, kindly, may I please have your permission to incorporate some of your sermon into my Torah commentary in June? I am assigned to discuss the Story of the Quail in the Torah passage called Beha'alotcha, and last year I tied that (naturally) to vegan lifestyle, and your current sermon, mentioning the Genesis quotes in it, is very relevant to my talk, especially the way you interpreted the verses! My challenge this time, however, is that the person who selects the assigned individuals to give their Torah summary during Shabbat Services had come up to me this past Saturday afternoon, and he asked me not to ONLY focus on the vegan part of the story, and to find other interesting teachings from the passage, as well. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, I saw his point...

I remember, though, that last time, they actually cut me off in the middle, for it seems they really don't want to hear/listen, or to be preached to, for too long of a time, all at once, just like that, just about veganism. The passage includes the birds falling from the sky, apparently they had been afflicted with something, but the people ate them like gluttons, and because of their greed all got sick, but we can assume it is because they were eating the flesh, which is NOT vegan, and more likely to get sick from that, too! 

Isn't it is more likely to get a disease that the animal we ingested had, than to get plant-related illness from a sickly-looking plant?

Thanks for writing back!!!



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