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By Janine - 4 Sep 2018

In Reference to: 2 September 2018 - Human Doctrines Harm Creation

Dearest Frank,

What a MOVING sermon, dated 2nd Sep 2018. Not only is the pain for the empathy that comes with caring about blessed creatures come through loud and clear, with such eloquence and fluidity, but between the lines believe it or not, the suffering you are feeling, Frank, is also painful and quite evident, too...

What do I mean by that, Frank? Well, simply put, it comes through, even without you mentioning it, Frank...

I gather that you miss Mary dearly and I can sense your pain. It is hard to put into words such feelings of a very emotional nature that bring tears to the eyes and sighs from the spirit, anguish from the soul, and sadness to the heart...

Therefore, Frank, I am sending you these words of condolence once again, to let you know that I am very sorry for your loss. I wish you long life, and may you be consoled, and have loving blessings everlasting good fond memories. Mary's soul and her blessed influence lives on with us, forever.

I too am still grieving although not as much as I was before, still, for the loss of a couple of loved ones, Frank, that happened seven years ago, and eight years ago, and can only imagine your loss is magnified tremendously, in that this untimely passing of Mary happened not too long ago. It might be still so fresh in your mind that it is still too hard to bear, at present...

I just wanted you to know that anytime you wish for me to either communicate with you on Facebook's Messenger or was it Skype that we last spoke to one another on, Frank, and thank you again for your kindness, when I met you online, and also when I very briefly also "met" Mary, as she had stopped by more than once I think, to ask you a question, coming into full view of the camera, while we were chatting.

During those split seconds, I felt the instantaneous LOVE, which was so strong between the two of you, Frank, and that sensation was enough to last a lifetime! I too, Frank, am very sad that Mary is no longer with us, and it is probably very painful indeed, Frank, being where you are, and feeling the vast loneliness of the HUGE empty space, that results from Mary's absence.

Now, I do hope I'm not writing too long of a message, and maybe, Frank, I should only have said I'm "sorry" and express my condolences much more briefly, but I feel like sharing with you and if you want to share with me too how you feel, then do please let me know, Frank, what time to reach out to you, again, for I truly care about your grieving, and anything you wish for me to hear, Frank, I'd gladly listen to, Frank. 

Your sermons are REALLY MEANINGFUL and I look forward to each and every one of them very eagerly, indeed! I read every word earnestly and I too pray that the exploitation and killing and suffering of animals stops and veganism will become the NORM, and everyone will benefit!!!



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