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By Janine 30 Sep 2018

In Reference to: 30 September 2018 - Vengeance Hardens Hearts

Dear Frank,

Outstanding remarks, and good sources, backing up your point of view on vengeance with which I totally agree, Frank! If only more people thought this way, we would have REAL progress, truly ending the "cycle of violence" for vengeance really condones even more violence, and then the vicious cycle never stops there, for those who were avenged will seek revenge and so on and so forth, all thinking they are justified in continuing the fighting!

I am wondering, please, Frank if I might get your permission to once again start the process of soliciting donations through All-Creatures, as beforehand? Please confirm that this would be fine.

The reason for the funds this time, is that I am desiring to make strides in continuing my efforts at medical progress I'm making in my recovery, and am in the process of starting another form of therapy, which is called HBOT (HyperBaric-Oxygen-Therapy) which comes under the category of "unconventional medicine" (or "alternative" healing) but I've already had one session, about twenty years ago (which was really just a mere coincidence, since it was well BEFORE the accident) so I know how it 'feels' to get this treatment even though at the time I did it for another reason, to become familiar with it (and got one session for "FREE" since I was "working" at that clinic as a massage therapist, [the Total Health Connection in Beverly Hills] where they had a chiropractor, colon hydrotherapist and acupuncturist) as well as offering the HBOT therapy sessions but now the HBOT is becoming more popular than it was, when it was hardly even heard of back then... hope I'm on the right track and am praying about it! (each session costs $250 so it's not inexpensive and NOT covered through ANY form of medical insurance) and I believe it will be beneficial... I've noticed Jennifer's improvement (she's in my Brain Injury Support group that I attend weekly sessions with, at the Northridge Hospital out-patient wing)...   Did I mention my discovering that there is a growing awareness of the connection between veganism and religion(s)? I've heard of a totally vegan Synagogue being founded, and hope more will be forthcoming as well as vegan Churches and Mosques or other places of worship that "get" the spiritual connection, as well!

P.S. the attached was forwarded to me by a vegan Rabbi, what do you think of the conclusion? Thanks for reading it!

What really happened at Mei Merivah?

God spoke to Moses; you will not go into the land, you will die as did your brother Aharon, since you did not sanctify my name at Mei Meriva in Kadesh.

The Arizal states, had Moshe spoken to the rock and coaxed it to give water as he was instructed, he would have led the people into the land, built the temple and the world would have returned to a state of perfection as it was before Adam sinned. If so, we must closely examine this most crucial incident at Kadesh and ascertain exactly what prevented Moshe from entering the land and returning the world to a perfect state. Where is fault to be found? Is it with Moshe or is it with the Children of Israel? To understand more fully we must inquire; why was revelation of God at Sinai specifically the event which according to our rabbis returned the world to its perfect state? What was lacking about the revelation of God to the Jews at the miraculous splitting and crossing of the Red Sea? In expressing the clarity of the revelation our rabbis tell us, “the simple maid-servant at the time of crossing, saw God with greater clarity than did (one of our greatest prophets) Ezekiel!” Why was that event, about which the Jews sung of their acceptance and belief in God, not the event to bring the world back to perfection? Moreover, the revelation at Sinai had the people trembling in fear and retreating from the fiery thunderous mountain.

Why is Sinai seen as the seminal event that returned the world to perfection and not the revelation of God at the Red Sea crossing? It seems most evident that the revelation and closeness with God and their belief in Him was far greater at the Red Sea than at Sinai. Why then is the giving of the Torah at Sinai when according to our rabbis, the world returned to its state of perfection? Moreover, why not at other times of fervor, acceptance and love for God in Jewish history do our rabbis not consider the possibility of returning the world to a perfected state? On mount Carmel When Eliyahu the prophet brought fire down from heaven to consume the waterlogged alter, the people raucously and continually cried out, “Hashem ho Haelokim”? In 1948 when the Jewish state was declared after 2000 years of exile, is this not a world-altering event? The internationally famed Six-Day War in 1967 is widely known as an incredible miracle so why was this event not seen as capable of returning the world to perfection? To answer these questions as well as our original inquiry, we must carefully analyze the event which occurs right after the crossing of the Red Sea preceding the revelation at Sinai. This was when the Jews arrive in Marah and they could not drink from the waters because they were “bitter”. God felled a tree into the water which “sweetened the waters” enabling the Jews to drink.

The key to answering our question(s) is to analyze the quality of the water they drank at Marah and Kadesh. A Japanese scientist name Dr. Emoto performed what now are world famous experiments entitled, “the Emoto water experiment”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAvzsjcBtx8 He took two cups of water and on one he taped the word “love”, on the other, “hate”. He froze the water and photographed the water molecules in the cups with an electron microscope. What he found was stunning! The words on the cup altered the alignment and configuration of the water molecules within each container. The glass with the word “love” contained beautiful, delicate and intricate mandala configurations whereas the other cup’s water molecules were random, jagged and disorganized. These experiments have been replicated by subjecting water to a variety of stimuli including music, pictures and names of historical figures and vibrational tones. Similar results to Dr. Emoto’s have been repeated over and over by scientists and universities worldwide. An incredibly fascinating movie about water which goes deeply into the study of water is, “Water: The Great Mystery” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W80mHIGg9v0 Based upon the aforementioned Emoto experiments, it can be concluded that water absorbs the energies it is exposed to, be they positive or negative. Experimenters have found that if a thimble-sized amount of “conditioned water” is poured into a bathtub, all of the water in the bathtub will take on the charge of the minuscule amount added to it. For Jews this should come as no surprise. For three and a half thousand years we have been saying blessings on water and wine. When we say a blessing on wine and pour from the kiddush cup into a cup already having wine, we know that the unblessed wine takes on a “blessed status”. In our laws and customs we already practice the principles borne out by the water experiments. We also know that a human is comprised of 80 to 85% water. It is suggested that when one says to another, “you look wonderful” or “that's a great idea!” or, “I love you”, one is actually changing the other’s water molecules and the feedback in our bodies is a positive emotion. Similarly, when one criticizes another or expresses disgust or disappointment, they are negatively affecting the other person's water molecules, making them feel terrible. We find in the Torah that water can be reparative or it can be destructive. When Moshe came down from Sinai and found that the Jews had built a golden calf, he ground it up, poured the golden dust into a stream from which he made the Jews drink. This was negative\destructive water. Similarly, we find with regard to the Sotah, the woman who is suspected of infidelity by her husband, she is given “bitter, cursed water” to drink. If she is guilty the water has a destructive effect upon her. Is it a coincidence that the term, “bitter” is shared describing the Sotah water and the waters at Marah? Perhaps “bitterness” refers to the negative vibrational levels within the water. Can we tie together the terms “bitter” and “cursed” and contrasts them with the “sweetness” of the waters at Marah after their reconditioning by God’s dropping a tree into the water, to produce a higher vibrational “blessed” water? It was from these blessed waters that the Jews drank and we're now prepared to not only experience the revelation at Sinai but to notice it with eyes and hearts wide open. The Revelation at the Red Sea was indeed great and miraculous but because they had not drunken the healing, high vibrational waters they could not see the event for its potential to change the nature of the world. It was not that the event was lacking, but those experiencing who held back the potential of the event at the Red Sea crossing to bring upon perfection to the world. After they drank the “sweetened waters”, they could experience an event such as the Revelation at Sinai and notice and partake in the world changing potential. After 40 years in the desert, the Children of Israel came to point where they had the potential to revert the world back to a state of perfection. It was a matter of the clarity they possessed upon entering the land and to realize the world changing potential of the event. To accomplish this, they needed to drink high vibrational, healing waters to prime them for the mission. They collected themselves around the rock, with the potential for the sanctification of God’s name at hand, leading to the highest vibrational waters imaginable. But strife, disconnectedness and argumentation broke out and when Moshe struck the rock, as opposed to bringing forth unifying waters, “waters of strife” came gushing forth from which the people drank. The negative energy entered them and sunk them till their ability to see the historic potential of entrance into the land Israel, was dimmed if not entirely diminished. The waters dulled their vision and thus, how these waters were extracted and their subsequent low vibrational value is why Moshe, tragically and sadly could not enter the land. Hopefully these words and ideas make absolutely clear how important and how mindful we must be about that which we put in our bodies. Jews know the spiritual importance and vibrational values of food. A tiger is not Kosher because it kills its prey and we do not want overly aggressive energy inside of us. As Jews we should know better than anyone; we are what we eat! Shchitah 100+ years ago was compassionate but this is not the case today for there is great violence, fear and cruelty in every piece of meat. We must understand the vital importance of the purity of our foods.

Kosher laws are supposed to ensure the high vibrational quality of food. Today however, this is not the case and numerous rabbis in Israel warn that people eating animal products are consuming treif. Rabbis of all stripes are warning people and openly stating, they no longer consume meat, milk or eggs. Is it possible that in our time the Messiah has come and we have not noticed? If we continue to put low vibrational \unhealthful foods which diminish our physical and spiritual health, we wouldn't know the Messiah if we bumped into him. The seriousness and imperativeness of authentic Kashrut must be researched, questioned and investigated because so much is at stake. We claim we want the Messiah to come, but would we notice if he did? It is not so much dependent upon his arrival as opposed to our ability to recognize the opportunity upon his arrival. Our spiritual level is imperative therefore we must consume high vibrational foods so that our eyes and hearts remain wide open!







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