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By Janine - 21 Jan 2020

In Reference to: 19 January 2020 - God Is Always Present

Dear Frank,

I absolutely LOVED reading your most recent sermon, G-d-is-always-present Frank! Indeed, we become more aware of G-d's love for us when we open up our hearts and accept G-d's guidance and welcome G-d's shining light showing us the path to take with better clarity!

You captured the spirit of these Biblical verses very nicely, Frank. You also wrote perfect truths about the "flavor" of G-d's desires, namely that he does NOT welcome animal sacrifices, and instead of the offerings, what is more welcome is man's intentions, what's in our hearts, our good deeds, goodness, avoiding doing anything wrong, and Service to those who need our help, assistance, and care, with


As plain as can be!

Have you heard the notion that the animal sacrifices were at first developed to break the habit of praying to a multitude of false gods? Asa Keisar was explaining that in a free online video recording of a lecture he gave (shared live) and I see that he is having a positive influence among the pious, the more observant or Orthodox Torah-scholars than the secular folks...

I had a thought... Do you agree that if there were more priests, Rabbis, Imams, Gurus, etc., who preached to their followers sermons that, like yours, pointed us in the right direction towards leading a vegan lifestyle that there would be greater change because persons of the cloth are influential and respected leaders? What are your thoughts on this, please?

I'd like to look into what it would take in order to become a Rabbi. I think the term for a female Rabbi is a Rabbanit.

There is such a term as a non-denominational Rabbi (not having to choose from among the different aspects of Judaism, in other words not necessarily Orthodox, nor Conservative, nor Reform, and so on and so forth...

Bit late, more next time, pleasant dreams,





xo xo


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