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By Janine 29 January 2021

In Reference to: 24 January 2021 - Godís Word First

Dear Pastor Frank,

Loved reading your sermon. It is all about putting G-d's word FIRST that really indicates to us that the human-word, (our thoughts, our uncertainties/wavering/doubts/disbeliefs/mistrust/lack-of-hope and many other such human tendencies, all detract from our "getting" the word of G-d, STRAIGHT from G-d and not diluted or misrepresented, or in a muddled way.

You certainly have GOT IT, Pastor, Frank, this is just the answer! I do believe also, that if we put G-d's word first, and didn't eat animals anymore and were truly vegans like we ought to be and showed more compassion to non-human animals, then the anagram of carnivorous pointing to coronavirus would be extremely relevant, because there would be NO more coronavirus if we were no longer carnivorous. Maybe this sounds too simple, but it makes sense, actually, doesn't it? I just watched a movie on Netflix called "Brain on Fire." Now, for me, this was a miracle seeing this movie because I went through what she ("Susannah") did (having had a T.B.I.) and was so grateful that I discovered this film. If you get a chance to watch it, I think you will realize very quickly why I think that this movie ALSO demonstrates that when you put G-d's word first, you can achieve complete healing even if at some point you were near your deathbed! Such is what happened to me. I put G-d's word first, and did not believe what some doctors were trying to tell me, which I KNEW was false.

When we keep our faith, and have hope, then there is a higher likelihood that we will put G-d's word FIRST! When we communicate directly with G-d and know that no matter how difficult a situation might be, then we can pay attention to what G-d is telling us and not to ignore what we are told to do by G-d and I think that YOU were instrumental as well, in my continued path of healing and I am very blessed that we communicate and hope that this short email finds you well, Pastor Frank, and that we can write again soon, for I find your sermons very encouraging, indeed.

Thanks for all you are doing. You are a gift from G-d!



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