Sharing the Pain


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Sharing the Pain
By Barbara - 2 Mar 2011

It's always those that are most innocent and vulnerable that suffer the most. It is so wrong. I don't think I'll ever get it, i.e. why they have to suffer so. Let the scum of this planet blow each other away. I resent my tax dollars being spent to take care of these jerks for even a minute. There is no rehabilitation in the penal system. Let them do one another in. I could care less. It would solve a lot of problems.

I've tried to change my feelings. I can't. God is all powerful. In the blink of an eye all of this suffering, torment could end. Why wouldn't it be enough of a sacrifice and satisfy God if they offed one another?

Everything good on the planet is getting trashed. I don't expect to win. I just can't lay down and do nothing.

I understand exactly how you feel. When I see/read about these horrors . . . see brainless farm boys stabbing cows in their udders with pitch forks (one example), I go nuts all by myself in front of the computer. I either end up sobbing and/or cursing at these devils like a sailor and threatening what I really want to do/happen to them.