Sharing the Pain


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Sharing the Pain
By Mike - 3 Mar 2011

Hi Barbara,

I am with you....... I have grown tired of feeling sorry for the evil doers of the world. For three decades I preached a New Age type of Christianity, teaching that God would save everyone. Yes, I was one of those Universalist pastors. Now, I have totally changed. After a life time of experiencing evil and carefully studying scripture, I am thoroughly convinced that I have been wrong all these years. I now fully believe that God does have wrath and God will destroy the evil doers some day. While I was a Universalist, I did fight against injustices, writing to all three levels of government, however, I am doing more of that now. There is too much evil in the world and God wants us to fight back. There are animals who are suffering every day, there are children being bullied at school, there are adults being bullied at work, the big companies and institutions are full of greed, people are sticking their heads in the sand and doing nothing about all this. I for one have had enough. In the past few weeks I have been in heated arguments with almost 24 people in the real world and many more on the chat lists I belong to... No, I have not had a stroke or something to cause a change in my behaviour, rather, I have simply woke up. No more mister nice guy... I have had it.

Take care,