Sharing the Pain


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Sharing the Pain
By Pamela - 3 Mar 2011

Below is a prayer that will give you some some comfort until this travesty ends. Our faith will make it so, as His Words says. It is done by His Hand. Thank you, Jesus!

Heavenly Father, I am carrying the burdens of my relationships and circumstances. I choose to lay all of my cares, worries and fears and all things I cannot change on Your altar. Heavenly Father, I lay my spouse on Your altar, I lay our families on Your altar, I lay my children on Your altar (people and animal children), I lay my job on Your altar, finances, friends, addictions and ANY situation (name the circumstance or circumstances you cannot change), I lay ending all animal cruelty in Korea on Your altar (or whatever the Holy Spirit guides you to say to help end this travesty). You are our supply and You alone can move in this/our circumstances. I/We give this to You and trust You with them in Jesus' name. (When this prayer is answered we will give testimony). Thank you, Holy Spirit, thank you, Heavenly Father and thank you, Jesus! Amen.