Sled Dog Racing


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Sled Dog Racing
Comments by Barbara - 2 Feb 2011

In sending emails, we are to ask sponsors/supporters to not support Iditarod because of the cruelty involved and also add on the massacre of the 100 huskies?

I have a question for you: Although I'm Catholic, I don't know the Bible very well. My cousin says because of the increase in evil everywhere that the devil is here on earth (the Bible predicts this?) and that Jesus has given us enough time to prove what good, caring, compassionate people we are (NOT!!) and He's seen how badly we've screwed up. Our lives on earth is soon to end. Jesus will come again, maybe soon, and bring his children home. Is this about right??

Being part of this group is a part of my own salvation.-

A couple friends of mine have said something similar. I think we are experiencing evil as never before because of the enormity of it. Someone said in their email that? These are very sad times.

An exception to unthinkable evil also is the Holocaust.

Has the devil taken over these people's minds that are committing these evil acts?

Thank you for your time. It is always welcomed and appreciated.

Gob bless you and Mary,