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Ecclesiastes 3:19-21: A View of the Souls and Spirits of Humans and Animals


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Ecclesiastes 3:19-21: A View of the Souls and Spirits of Humans and Animals
By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 15 Oct 2012

Dear Denise:

Thank you very much for adding your comments.

We agree with a lot of what you say, but disagree with your conclusion that because some animals have the ability to hunt for food that it gives humans the same right.

Think about something. In this corrupt world, God gave some animal the ability to kill other animals for food by giving them claws and fangs with which to kill their prey and the digestive system to be able to eat them, even though in the beginning, they did not have them and ate only plant foods. However God never changed humans to have these abilities. He left us to be plant food eaters.

Humans use weapons designed to kill, which turns their efforts from situations of opportunity to premeditated planning, and in the process they have to harden their hearts to the extent that they no longer have empathy for their intended prey, which is exactly the opposite heart condition that God desires us to have. We are to have the empathy that you speak about for all animals, and for all other human beings.

Furthermore, humans choose to become survivalists because they fear what might happen to them from some human caused threat. Where is their trust in God? It is not there, because they are only trusting in their own ability.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary