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Genesis 8:20-22 - God's Curious Remark


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Genesis 8:20-22 - God's Curious Remark
By Amy - 8 Jan 2013

In Reference to: Commentary by Frank L. Hoffman

The issue I have is this: you're saying God wants obedience and God doesn't want animal sacrifice.

We didn't create ourselves. We didn't invent sin, and we didn't make ourselves prone to it. It was not our idea at all, and a lot of us realize the suffering that comes from it.

It seems like we are blaming human sin for animal suffering. I don't think the Bible would say something so specific as God enjoyed the aroma if God didn't enjoy it.

To be frank, I think of the aroma of meat cooking. I smell it all the time from restaurants.

I think God approved of and expected sacrifice. I don't get it but sacrifice is part of the Bible. We refer to Christ as a sacrifice for us. I don't like it that Jesus had to suffer and die but that's what the bible story says.