An Exegesis of Meat in the New TestamentAn Exegesis of "Meat" in the New Testament
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By D. Bene Tleilax - 20 Feb 2007

I just read the article "An Exegesis of "Meat" in the New Testament" on your website and I was wondering..... why are so many different words translated into the word "meat"? the translation into "meat" seems at times almost deliberately misleading, and at the very least, totally not modern. for example:::

377 anapipto Usage: 2 times; translated "sit down to meat" literally - to lie back, lie down, to recline at a table, to sit back

That makes no sense in the way people commonly understand English. Nobody refers to meals or sitting down at the table to eat as "meat". several of these words are similarly mis-translated. I assume this must have been brought to the attention of Greek translators, are there any versions of the Bible which do not have this flaw? It seems horribly outdated.

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