Tell the Truth to Non-Veggie Friends


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Tell the Truth to Non-Veggie Friends
Comments by Ray - 20 Jul 2010

I received an email from a friend asking that we pray that we find a cure to cancer.

I look for opportunities to make people think……some may disagree with my direct methods….some may not.

I wrote this in response:

Most cancers are caused my people eating animal flesh, by God's own design.......Eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is strictly forbidden and the result of disobedience is death by God's decree. A selfish act that causes pain and death to another being is the definition of Evil, and by this act, Man unleashed the knowledge of Evil into this world.

Why would I want God to break His first commandment to us and remove the consequences associated with inflicting pain and death to innocent beings just so we can experience pleasure by tasting their flesh?

That would go against the very goodness of Love and Compassion, that is God.

I then sent it to several other people, one on my list is an animal rescue volunteer who was also a flesh eater. We talked about this years ago, but not recently. This is what she wrote back:


Knowing that she was still eating animals the last time we spoke, I sent her this:

Well, Victoria, If you are open to what I said and believe I made a good point, and you have love and compassion in your heart and soul for animals, are you still paying strangers to cage and kill innocent animals so that you may experience the pleasure of tasting their flesh?

If so, I believe that you have a great conflict in your soul that needs to be resolved, don't you think?

Very glad that your business is growing and you are getting recognition. I hope that you thrive in all aspects of your life.

I wish for you that your path brings you the most joy and cause others the least pain.

Love and Compassion for All Beings............Ray

And this was her reply:

Absolutely, now both my hubby and mom and I don't eat animals just lots of soy stuff. We did this choice a few months ago, and I feel way better. I bet if I tried to eat meat now it would make me gag. I like the substitute stuff they have out there and am way healthier....I cry when I see the many chicken houses around me and I even tried to save one from dying when it fell off a truck in the middle of traffic but did not save it but I gave it love till it passed that is when I decided not to eat meat anymore and also why I lost a lot of weight and am keeping it off easily thanks for caring.

My response:

Wow, that is music to my soul, I am so happy that you have made this choice.

I'm so pleased to count you as another one of my vegetarian friends.

I suspect your heart and soul are much lighter, having shaken this conflict from them.

If you are anything like me, you will continue to feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as you continue on your cruelty free path and your body purges itself from the evil that this world sucked you into for so many years.

Congratulations, and on behalf of the animals, thank you.

You can count on me to help you if you ever need it.


And finally her response:

Thanks ray you were partly responsible and that food DVD also helped I just cry whenever I see those trucks with the chickens and we have so many around here take care. V.

I'm overjoyed, I have often believed that no one is listening to me and I’m not making any difference. Perhaps I am being heard. Just thought that I'd share that, we do sometimes touch others and help them find the right path.