Tell the Truth to Non-Veggie Friends


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Tell the Truth to Non-Veggie Friends
Comments by Betty - 21 Jul 2010


I think that her decision to not eat meat after trying to save the chicken's life is cool!

We each have our own ways of trying to get the message across, and I think it's good that there are different ways--because different people react differently and may not even immediately react in a positive way.

Although I stopped eating meat because of the animals, I know there are health benefits. However, I also know that we need to try to make sure we are getting a good vegetarian diet with all the nutrients. Recently, I've read a lot of gallbladder articles that urge staying away from animal products. However, I've also read that we vegetarians can be susceptible to gallstones, too, if we don't get enough good fats. I'm still researching what are considered "good" fats, but I've been eating more avocados now!

It's unfortunate that even long-time vegans still get cancer too. This isn't a perfect world, and diet is only one part of the whole picture. Stress, pollutants, hereditary, etc. all play a part in this sinful world. I believe that removing animals from human diets can easily be at the top of the list, though. As Howard Lyman said, "we" kill the animals, and they are killing us (with the hormones, antibiotics, etc.) not to mention the unnecessary cruelty.