Tell the Truth to Non-Veggie Friends


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Tell the Truth to Non-Veggie Friends
Comments by Betty - 22 Jul 2010

Karma has also crossed my mind, and I admit that I sure hope I don't go through what at least some of those poor animals I ate must have gone through. Before I stopped eating meat, I often felt guilty about various other things--while sitting there chomping on dead animals! I didn't get it either!

I don't know if I ever shared with this group a story that I probably won't forget. A speaker at a Veggie Fest said that when he was young, his father took him out to kill a deer. My recollection of the story is that, when they cut the deer open, there was a fetus in it that they thought looked like a human fetus. It obviously left an impression on this guy, and the father also stopped hunting! (The speaker was Arran Stephens, founder of Nature's Path Foods. When I heard his speech, I had already been eating and enjoying the Organic Flax Plus Pumpkin Granola cereal, so it was interesting to hear about the journey of the guy behind the scenes.)