Tell the Truth to Non-Veggie Friends


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Tell the Truth to Non-Veggie Friends
Comments by Betty - 22 Jul 2010

I don't know the answers either. In my heart, I want to go out with a huge group of people and posters, storm the capitol, and help bring dramatic changes quickly! However, it doesn't seem realistic to me, as I always visualize the blase' looks from bystanders and security guards hauling us off to jail. So I've leafletted and continue to donate, sign petitions, add comments to newspaper articles, and try to encourage others in a much subtler way. I am discouraged by the Christian church's general refrain from approaching the problem but stopped doing much of anything (other than complain) to try to overcome it.

Sometimes I wonder if it will take something major, i.e. meat-related illness epidemic or mass environmental problems from factory farms, to finally realize some major changes. In the meantime, I keep wondering if ANY animals raised to eat had happy lives and instant, painless deaths.

Hey, I have it now! How about a law which states that each household can have any type of meat in an amount equal to what their pet weighs--and ONLY IF they sacrifice their dog, cat, etc.? That won't work either--because some people might do it!

Let's keep (literally) PRAYING!