Tell the Truth to Non-Veggie Friends


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Tell the Truth to Non-Veggie Friends
Comments by Debra - 22 Jul 2010

Some people just don't get it. I put together a golf outing every year for an industry network I'm involved in. The owners of the network are Christian and everyone that works for them is as well.

Long story short.... Pictures were taken of the outing that go into the network newsletter. The guy that takes the pictures (Todd) sent them to the newsletter guy (Matt) who sent them to me before looking at them. Matt didn't realize that Todd accidentally included five pictures of an animal that was skinned with it's fur laying on the ground right next to it. There were even children there! I about vomited on the spot.

Matt was VERY apologetic when I phoned him and told him what I saw. He said it was disgusting and didn't realize the photos were in the bunch he sent. Todd has yet to apologize. I've suspected that Todd is hardened to having compassion for animals but didn't realize it went this far. He's a church going, charitable man ... but it stops with animals. He knows I'm vegetarian but when I've talked about it, he looks at me with that blank look on his face that says, "Debra, I don't get it."

He obviously doesn't get it.

Ugh, what an awful experience! I'll never look at Todd the same way again!