The Compassion of the Wicked is Cruel

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The Compassion of the Wicked is Cruel
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Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 20 May 2007

Dear Ray and Others:

Thank you for your candid comments.

It's interesting that your chose today's sermon for comparison, because there are not any animal references in the subject of the Hebrew Testament presence of the Holy Spirit among believers, so it probably wasn't the best one to use on the subject of speaking against the use of animals and for a vegan lifestyle.

However, once we can get people to start letting the Holy Spirit lead them instead of "hard-edged" Christians that they emulate, they will begin to understand Jesus' teachings about being loving, compassionate, and peacemaking children of God.

Our comments on Proverbs 12:10, which began this discussion, is one of those wisdom passages that directly speaks against the horrible way that virtually all of the farmed animals are treated, today, and one of the clearest Bible teachings that the Church has chosen to ignore.

In reference to your comments about taking the light into darkened churches: Many years ago, I was complaining to Korean Pastor friend of mine about the hardness of heart I had encountered in a hotel where I was teaching a seminar. His answer was, "If you love the Lord, go to hell!" We've been doing this for years, and all we can think of is that even when Jesus went to hell to testify against them, they didn't listen. This is why our ministry in directed in two areas, today: we present a testimony against the hard of heart and those who are indifferent to the suffering of animals and at the same time try to show them that we are to live compassionately in the heavenly will of our Father; and on the other side, we minister to those who are sensitive and want to end the suffering of animals, including those seeking grief counseling, and who have been emotionally hurt by the church.

We have seen very little success with eliminating the hardness in the churches, but we've had a huge success in ministering to the people who are peacemaking children of God who seek to end the corruption that has been inflicted upon creation.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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