The Time of Creation


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The Time of Creation
Comments by Nicole Sobus - 5 Dec 2007

In reference to the Book: The Time of Creation

Hello There,

I am really confused about the reason that God was so harsh with Adam and Eve. I think that if someone makes a mistake it is important for them to be given the opportunity to learn from their mistake. Why then did God make man intellectually prone to mistakes only to penalize them for this?

Sometimes you just cannot comprehend the outcome of your actions until you experience them. Otherwise we would just be lemmings, which is clearly not how God made us. This does not make any sense to me.

If God is forgiving and kind then why was he so mean to Adam and Eve? He could have given them better instructions. Or maybe he could have helped them to comprehend the outcome of their actions. I just think it is ridiculous.

Nicole Sobus