The Time of Creation


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The Time of Creation
Comments by Kenneth - 4 Feb 2008

In reference to the Book: The Time of Creation

Dear Frank and Mary,

Are you familiar with the book, Who Wrote The Bible? It is by James Friedman. This book does a good job explaining the Documentary Hypothesis, a.k.a. Higher Criticism.

Evidence had been found that the Five Books of Moses had been transcribed by a redactor, combining four different source documents into one continuous history. These source documents are: “J” associated with Yahweh/Jehovah, “E” referring to God as Elohim, “P” having a great deal to do with matters regarding priest and “D” that which is only found in the book of Deuteronomy.

For example, the biblical story of Noah’s Ark is a combination of two source documents, J & P. If you read either of these stories and go back and read the other, you will find two complete continuous accounts, each with their own vocabulary and concerns. This is as I have assembled my work for the Lord. I drew from different passages in the Bible, to form a single, complete, continuous story regarding the Seven Days of Creation as told by Genesis 1. Any use of the word ‘meat’ as it may be associated with the meaning of the word ‘food’ comes directly from the Word of God and not from me. Right now, I am in the process of finding any text written by my own hand, and find ways to remove it to replace it with Holy Scripture. His Word not mine.

In His Love,