Thoughts From an Ex-Christian


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Thoughts From an Ex-Christian
By Carol Prieur - 18 Oct 2005

Dear Frank,

Being a vegan, I came across your web site. It is very interesting and informative. I applaud your stand on harming no living thing.

I was involved with an Assembly of God church for many years. They used the scripture verse in Genesis that God gave us dominion over the animals to justify eating them.

I am a little surprised on your stand that Jesus is the answer. He surely is the answer for some but not for all.

He is a wonderful example to follow but he is not the only one. If you truly believe in harming no living thing, then that includes humans. I have seen Christians do great harm to there fellow beings by informing them that they will go to a version of hell if they don't follow Jesus Christ.

By forcing our ideas of perfection on others we are causing great harm and stress. We need a gentler world, where we can all walk beside each other with respect for our differences. I know that you can quote a lot of scripture to me to support your cause. But then again, anyone can twist the words of any scripture to say what say want.

Truth and honesty comes from within. Everything that we need is within us. Jesus knew this, which is why he said, "I and the Father are one." We are all one. So, for what it is worth, there is my interpretation. The one that is right for me and may not be for others.