Thoughts From an Ex-Christian


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Thoughts From an Ex-Christian
By Carol Prieur - 22 Oct 2005

Dear Frank and Mary:

I'm so surprised that you answered!

Yes, the reason I left was the hardness of heart I encountered. I began to feel that when someone tries to force their ideas and beliefs on you, they must be doing so because it is the only way their beliefs are validated.

I then had the opportunity to study with a guru for about five years. This was a wonderful opportunity for me and broadened my perspectives. I began to understand reincarnation, karma and the fact that all scriptures have a commonality. This is where I learned to be a vegan.

I teach yoga classes locally and spend a lot of time studying different scriptures. What is sad, is that I wish I had connections to talk with others. I live in a community outside of Chicago. But it is difficult for me to get into the city due to my work schedule. I also teach special ed during the day. So, I do appreciate you taking the time to answer me.