Thoughts From an Ex-Christian


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Thoughts From an Ex-Christian
By Bernie J. Coombs - 1 Jan 2006

Dear Carol Prieur.

I and my family had exactly the same experiences as you, about the hardness of heart of denominational churches (small c). I gave my children a good schooling and my oldest son started university - it was here in his first year of accountancy that he met a group involved in eastern religions - he gave up university - left the church we had been attending (Assemblies of God), left our home where I had brought him up as a Christian - went to India (leaving me with a large bill for having gone guarantor for his fees) and stayed there for years studying their religion.

When he came back to Australia years later, we had discussions about his and my faith - they were completely different in one major aspect. That of reincarnation.

Of course He was still young (thirtyish), But me! There is no way that I wanted to be reincarnated into another earthly body here on this evil earth, however high cast.

So! I left the church and decided to do the same as you are doing, with one difference - I loved the idea of staying in the similitude of this earthly body but being perfect and eternal.

So! For many years I studied - If you wish you can read the result of my studies on Frank's site at 

The site also has my e-mail address.

Very sincerely:

Bernie J. Coombs