Thoughts From an Ex-Christian


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Thoughts From an Ex-Christian
By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 21 Mar 2011

Dear Ann:

Thank you for your comments.

We agree with your comments about Jesus, but you left out His compassionate teaching, which among other things teaches us to strive to live in the heavenly will of our Father here on earth as it is in heaven, where there is no death or suffering. This is what Carol and millions of people like her are seeking, but not finding in the churches.

These people aren't Bible scholars; they are just seeking the truth and peace, but when the church, from the pastor down, only twists the truth to justify their hardness of heart, these people have a tendency to lose their faith in Christianity.

When someone truly loves God with every part of their being, they also love the whole of His creation, and not just certain other human beings. They love all humans, all animals, and the environment in which we all live. They also live as peacemaking children of God, seeking to end the corruption, suffering, and death that is so prevalent upon this earth, and they do this to the glory of God.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary