Torturing a Bull for Saint John

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Torturing a Bull for Saint John
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Comments by Heather Gillen - 31 May 2007 

This sickens me. You can sort of understand why so many people eat meat. They don't actually see the tortore of the animals and don't realize the implications of their food choices. It's also understandable that there a few sickos out there in the world that might like this kind of thing. But how can such a big group of people find such pleasure with this form of "entertainment?" Are there really that many evil people in this world? Sometimes I wonder if the evil outweighs the good in this world. How heartbreaking. I just don't get what goes on in people's heads.

I was also saddened by the story of the killing of the 1051 pound hog by an 11 year old boy. The article said the boy killed his first deer at age 5. How disgusting. They are now making the hog into about 500-700 pounds of sausage. The hog was shot 8 times and managed to escape the final shot for about 3 hours while he was being chased. To me, a 1051 pound hog would be a marvel that I would want to take a picture of, not shoot and turn into sausage. But the article was written as if this was a fantastic achievement. And, it was featured on KLOVE's website. KLOVE is a Christian radio station with the logo "positive and encouraging." Well, I didn't find that article positive or encouraging. I thought it was rather sad that killing a living creature is considered such a positive thing.


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