Torturing a Bull for Saint John

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Torturing a Bull for Saint John
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Comments by Laurie Ulrich Fuller - 31 May 2007 

Church leaders need to stop tip-toeing around and be more direct with their parishioners. There are people in those pews who go to horse races, who purposely run over the squirrel or rabbit in the street, who hunt, who buy eggs from known battery-cage farms, who don't have their pets fixed, who ignore the dog down the street whose tied outside 24/7, etc. There are big issues, like bull fighting, the running of the bulls, cock and pit-bull fighting, etc. that the church needs to take a stand on "politically", but they need to speak directly to their parishes about the smaller, yet equally important ways that compassion is missing from their lives. It DOES matter if their cat gets out and creates more unwanted kittens, it DOES matter if they could stop buying eggs from a farmer who abuses his chickens, it DOES matter if they spend money at the race track or buy products from companies who give away circus tickets - it all adds up.

If you can't get your own minister/reverend to tackle this in a sermon (and don't be afraid to ask why NOT!!!), write something for your church newsletter. Put something up on the bulletin board. Leave animal protection publications on coffee tables and end tables where people stand around and drink coffee after church/mass. The same subtle and insidious effect that these "small" cruelties have is also had by subtle and insidious educational opportunities.


Laurie Ulrich Fuller

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