Doctrine of the Trinity


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Doctrine of the Trinity
By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 27 Mar 2011

Dear Andrew:

This is a deep and rather large subject, but we'll do our best to answer it in a nutshell.

God the Father is all spirit, as is the Holy Spirit, and both are spoken of in this manner in the Hebrew text, and as being One, so this resolves 2/3 of the Trinity question.

It's interesting that our sermon for today discusses part of this question about Jesus, as being the perfect sacrifice for all time.

Jesus is described as being all man and all God, and being born of the Holy Spirit and woman (Mary). Jesus even says that He and the Father are One. This means that Jesus was born without sin, for sin cannot exist in the presence of God, which was necessary for Him to be born without sin, because sin seems to be carried genetically through males and not females.

Furthermore, for Jesus to have a soul, which was in His blood, to atone for the sins of humans, He had to have a soul, which means that He had to have the Breath of God, or Spirit of God, enter into his human body to become a living soul just as God made Adam. Thus we come to the logical conclusion that Jesus is at least 1/2 God, and thus a part of the Trinity.

Is this basically what you are looking for?

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary