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By Gitta Zwijnenburg - 3 Feb 2017

Dear Mr. Hoffman and team,

First of all, we love your organization and all that you do to promote cruelty-free living, especially among Christians.

It is our dream as well that the church, one day, will be the first to take a stand in care for creation issues.

We had a question about the article you just published about starting a vegan church. We’re a Dutch foundation (not a church) that works on awareness among Christians about the way we (don’t) care about creation in all its aspects. Our view is that it is best to stay in your church and work from the inside out. That’s why we want to empower Christians so they can go back to their church and make a difference. There are so many different churches already and if you separate yourself from the rest, it could be harder to get connected. We’re eager to know your thoughts on this - would you have time to let us know?

Thank you in advance,

Gitta Zwijnenburg


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