Vegan In Three Months (with Godís help)

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Vegan In Three Months (with Godís help)
Comments by Andrew - 19 Aug 2008 I agree with a lot of what your site says...the nutritional guidelines are pretty good...but you are, like so many other people, mixing Christ's message of love with confuses people who are unstable in their faith...and annoys people who aren't...

I run a holistic health business....I am a Christ lover and Christ follower...I urge my clients to eat a healthy, organic, local-when-possible diet, to exercise consistently and in varied ways, to rest properly, to be in a healthy community...all good and healthy things...the message of Christ is NOT, however, about healthy eating. It is about love and healthy living. you could follow your nutritional guidelines to the T and still be waaayyy outside of Christ....

You are creating, whether you know it or not, a form of legalism...and it's dangerous to those who minds aren't yet firm in Christ...and because you've posted it in cyberspace, for all the world to see, YOU are responsible for it, and will have played a part in promoting a confusing quasi-legalistic religion if you don't either remove it, or make clear that you are talking about PHYSICAL health only, and promoting vegan living....tying it into scripture, and saying that the Holy Spirit is somehow "invited" to dwell in us by the foods we eat is out-and-out wrong.

Jesus teaches it is not what goes into a man that makes him unclean, but rather, what comes out of a man. And that comes from the HEART, not the stomach.

Peter is rebuked in the new testament for starting to slip back into the same Jewish dietary legalism from which Christ freed him (and us).

Please, I ask you out of a heart of love, to reconsider how you've worded that page. you really have got some good nutritional info there, but you are nearly ruining it by interweaving it with scripture (that is often taken out of context...and some of your scripture is even wrongly sighted! you have 1 Corinthians 11:3 listed, and then quote 2 Corinthians 11:3...and you do it out of context! And what is doubly ironic is that you are promoting the very thing Paul was warning the Corinthian church about...a counterfeit gospel, mixed with dietary guidelines and legalism, instead of the simplicity of love!)

I feel I'm probably wasting my breathe, as you are already too far gone to hear this...but nonetheless I hope you do.

-- Andrew

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