Vegan In Three Months (with Godís help)

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Vegan In Three Months (with Godís help)
Comments by Andrew - 20 Aug 2008

Dear Frank and Mary

Thank you so much for your response. I greatly appreciate your candor and willingness to talk openly about this subject.

Yes, I agree with you, that the way we treat the animals that we use for milk and for meat probably leaves a lot to be desired. But let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. In Genesis 9 God makes provision for man to eat meat, and even Christ himself likely ate meat (fish after his resurrection, and likely lamb on the passover). Which begs the question, "If it's good enough for my savior, why isn't it good for me?"

Why not instead push for REFORM in the meat and dairy industry?

I rarely consume dairy, and when I do, I buy raw from a local farmer who grass-feeds her Jersey's (and is a kind-hearted woman). The eggs I get, when I get them, are from the same woman, and from free-range chickens fed a very pure diet.

I eat mostly fish (wild caught, and local if possible) nowadays, but I will, on occasion, have some read meat and fowl (I too believe that the clean animals are best for my PHYSICAL health).

But mixing the gospel of Christ with old testament dietary laws presents some real life problems. For example: Let's say I have a friend, and he's seeking Christ, but hasn't made a commitment yet. He invites me to a barbeque. Do I not eat his food, and possibly put out a seperationist-spirit toward the man, which might become a stumbling block to me sharing the gospel message? Heaven forbid! Heaven forbid that a piece of meat, even unclean meat, get in the way of the eternal salvation of a brother or sister!

And that's what it comes down to for me. The gospel supercedes the law. Love is higher than everything (as Paul says at the end of 1 Cor 12 and through 13). And I see webpages like the one written by Alexandra, and they send a very confusing message, especially to those who might be seeking Christ for the first time. The message of the gospel gets mixed up with dietary "law", and that can get in the way of the incredible love Jesus has for all of us.

I hope that helps to explain where I'm coming from. I don't think it is a simple issue, per se, but it is a very important one, the importance of the law of love through Christ over the Mosaic law.

Again, thank you for your time. Blessings.

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