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Vegan Values
Comments by Colin Sky - 31 Jan 2003

Thanks for the welcome Erin. I'm enjoying it. and glad to be back.

Personally I believe all creatures should be free to live their lives and go harmlessly about their ways as is their nature and as God intended.

Just now I walked to the wharf and saw the fishermen put dead fish on hooks to kill more fish and I thought why not grow corn they have the brains. save all this hook in mouth ripping fish face into pain and hell.  Then I think, yeah! This is a base society, full of ignorance and no wisdom of love.

God talks daily in every creature and plant he made. When God is in your heart you don't need words, you just need love. Why kill to eat death, when you can be loving and free from stealing another earth dwellers' life for a snack.

Garden of Eden diet besides, is best diet on planet, closer to God than fisherman acting like on par with fish brain.

That's me. Life's tough. Love life.

Peace from Auckland NZ.


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