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Vegan Values
Comments by Erin Oldford - 31 Jan 2003

Rod, Steve and Colin,

Thanks for your input. Rod (or anyone), can you clarify the "lifeblood" issue? I've discussed this with people who believe that simply means the animal has to be dead, which sounds a little ridiculous to me but I have read that there were certain "sects" in biblical times that did literally eat animals alive (yuk). Is God's point about not eating animals with the lifeblood commanding a humane method of killing it, like the "kosher" kill?

IS the "kosher" kill more humane? I don't know much about it.

I have a close Christian friend who totally agrees that animals suffer horribly in factory farms and to contribute to this suffering is wrong. The little meat she does eat comes from a small family farm, she is basically dairy-free as well. She still contends though, that God gave us permission to eat meat and that it is perfectly ok if the animals are treated well before they are slaughtered. She also thinks hunting is fine as long as you eat the meat.

To me, it is about making the most compassionate choice and God has made that very easy for us, He's also made it the healthiest choice for us. I guess maybe it is a matter of the heart. This list has discussed in the past that the Bible can be interpreted to support slavery but we all know this is not a compassionate choice. I compare eating meat to the example of slavery.

Nowhere does the Bible say it is a sin, nowhere (to my knowledge) does the Bible say slavery is sinful, but the general public has agreed that slavery is unethical and not in keeping with biblical principles. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Christian world would have a radical change of heart and adopt the same principle for animals??


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