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Vegan Values
Comments by Marijonah Vilkelis - 30 Jan 2003

If the wolf will lay down with the lamb (etc), it probably used to before it became what it is. I find it quite acceptable that the entire omnivorous and carnivorous diversity is that way because of the death we put into the once (deathless) virgin earth, although I realise this runs counter to scientific consensus and dating.

The reverse is also likely true. If we stop spilling death and misery into the earth, she will regain her strength and all creatures will begin their readaptation to herbivorism...

The only truly (God created) natural phenomena that still exists out there in the world is the residual memory of how it once was in the consciousness of all beings and creatures. This is the likely subconscious driving force of rebuild the world to its original design.

Marijonas Vilkelis  

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