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Vegan Values
Comments by Rod Preece - 30 Jan 2003

I assume, Erin, that Colin meant that some animals are naturally constructed as carnivores, and live accordingly and guiltlessly in the wild. The teeth, intestines, claws, etc., of a tiger are designed, or have evolved, for the ripping, tearing, chewing, and rapid ejecting of prey. At least after the fall - prior to that in Biblical history they too were non-flesh eaters - they became carnivores because their bodily structures required that they be so. It is quite possible to wean domesticated carnivores away from a flesh diet, but it would be very misguided to attempt it with a jaguar, a tiger or a lion.

Colin's point, I assume, and I would concur with Colin in this instance, is that although there has been a long historical period of humans as omnivores - and perhaps for millennia following the flood the environmental circumstances prohibited any other form of food acquisition (hence, I would argue, the *temporary* permission to consume flesh) - there is no biological reason why humans should remain omnivores, and every ethical reason why they should cease to consume flesh.

Incidentally, if fellow Christians tell you Genesis provides them with a dispensation to consume flesh, ask them why they do not believe they are committing a mortal sin by not draining the blood from the meat before cooking. In the New Jerusalem Bible translation of Genesis 9 (it's not much different from any other translation; it just happens to be the one closest at hand at this moment) we are not only told that "Everything that moves will be yours to eat" but we read also: "with this exception: you must not eat flesh with life, that is blood in it."

If these Christians believe they are following the will of God by eating flesh, why do they not acknowledge equally that, according to Genesis, all the meat for sale in non-Kosher food establishments, whether supermarkets, butcher shops or restaurants, is forbidden to them.


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