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Vegan Values
Comments by Rod Preece - 30 Jan 2003

It strikes me, Marijonas, very much in line with what you say, that it is quite significant that most of the world's religions tell a story of a primeval stage of human-animal complementarity and friendship with the capacity for interspecies communication in which all animals are vegetarian. In other words, something like a Garden of Eden or Isaiah XI is a common human insight and a part of primordial human consciousness - to which, when the days of groaning and travail are at an end, we shall return. God has implanted the idea as an integral part of the human consciousness.

Incidentally, I don't regard Bible teachings as, in general, inconsistent with science, but as a remarkable prescience of what science would discover. Provided one thinks of Biblical days as periods, the sequence of events in Genesis, for example, is remarkably accurate.


Rod Preece
Department of Political Science
Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2L 3C5

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