War: Can it be Justified?

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War: Can it be Justified?
Comments by Steve Shi - 31 Jan 2008

I found your website of great interest. I am a Christian first and foremost, anti-abortion, vegetarian and am passionately involved in trying to improve the plight of animals, primarily rescuing and rehabilitating abused dogs. I would, however, like more explanation of your statement that you are �against war.� I am a retired Marine Corps officer and am as passionate about defense of this country as I am about protecting animals. While in the abstract I am �against war,� having experienced first hand its horrors, I nevertheless recognize that we as a nation have the right and responsibility to protect ourselves from those who would seek to harm us.

It is both na�ve and un-Biblical to fail to recognize the fallen nature of Man and our propensity to take advantage of our fellows. This applies individually and collectively such that God has ordained civil government to provide a check against this sin nature, whether it manifests itself in (i) individuals committing criminal acts that require the government to provide criminal justice systems (including the death penalty in appropriate cases), or (ii) larger groups or nations that require actions of other sovereign states to protect their citizens or those of other nations who are victimized by their own governments or groups within their respective nations.

IN Christ,

Steve Shi

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