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By Ziggy - 10 Jun 2014

In Reference to: A Book by J. R. Hyland. See: What the Bible Really Say - Chapter 3 JOSEPH: The Israelites in Egypt

U did not mention one thing that that was all part God's plan to remove the Israelites out of the land of Goshen. you have many half truth good points and bad ones it was the only way the Egyptians could survive. You didn't hear Pharaoh COMPLAINING saying Joseph Joseph please do not deprive my people he was all TO happy to take all that Joseph did.  It just sounds like to me you have ill will toward Israel that's what I read even between the lines so tell me is that true I would like to know why you did not complete the truth I am for ALL truth NOT HALF TRUTHS,   but not the truth of man but by the facts that we cannot ignore that this was a God  thing don't you think how would Egypt survived any other way according to your economic view U ACT LIKE THIS WAS A JEWISH COURT YARD when infact Joseph said to the king seek u out a man Pharaoh could have chosen anyone


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