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By Sandra - 21 Jul 2015

In Reference to: A Book by J. R. Hyland. See: What the Bible Really Say - Chapter 11: EZRA: Godly Purge or Ethnic Cleansing

Re Chapter 11 in the book of Ezra regarding ethic purge.  I believe that those Jews married to foreigners should have been allowed to remain married had their family members if they forsook their pagan gods and became followers of Abrahamís God of the Bible. 

This has to be done as the women are the ones raising the children and forming their beliefs and practices.  How else was the lineage of Jesus to be kept and as scripture notes, those in Jesus lineage that were of foreign religions left their religions to be followers of Abrahamís God of the Bible. 

Also, those who refused and were forced to leave, because of God judging in favor of the oppressed, it is likely that the lineage Jews were still responsible for their wellbeing as just those today who separate or divorce their wives are responsible for their financial wellbeing. 

It is revolting to believe that Hitler used Ezraís purging in the Bible as a grounds for ethnic purge.       


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