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By Caroline - 30 Apr 2016

In Reference to: A Book by J. R. Hyland.  See: What the Bible Really Say - Chapter 18 SEXUAL SINS

Hello! Enjoyed your article very much! Just a little thing (well, a rather large thing):

When you state your thesis about Dives and Lazarus, yes, Lazarus rests upon Abrahamís bosom: he suffered much on Earth, and now he rests in peace upon his ancestorís bosom. You state, however, that Dives is in hell.

Not so fast.

Dives, if he were in hell, would be railing against God, and would be full of hatred and anger against God. Rather than blaming himself for the actions that put him there, he would be angry at Godís justice and bitter at the mercy given to Lazarus. Instead, we read that Dives begs Abraham to send Lazarus over to where Dives is with a drop of water to quench the heat from the terrible fire burning Dives. Abraham says, ĎNo,í that that is impossible because there is a chasm that separates Dives from Abraham and Lazarus. Dives then asks Abraham to send Lazarus to warn Divesí brothers, who by their own actions are in danger of bringing Godís wrath upon themselves. Abraham says to Dives that Divesí brothers have the laws of Moses to guide their actions. Furthermore, if they donít want to listen to Godís word through the laws of Moses, they are unlikely to listen to warnings from beyond the grave. This is the thing: if Dives were in hell, nothing would ever give him relief Ė the fire of hell is a never-ending fire, it is quenchless. However, a drop of water from Lazarus would give relief from such fire to Dives as related by Christ Himself, who is the way, The Truth, and the Life. Christ cannot lie. Also, Dives is concerned about his brothersí future judgment: he does not want them to suffer the way he presently suffers. If Dives were in hell, he would demand that his brethren suffer the same fate as himself, and Lazarus as well. Those who are in hell are envious of the happiness of the saints, and wish them to suffer ruin like themselves. Dives condition is one of purgation: he did provide the scraps from his table to feed Lazarus, and Dives did leave Lazarus stay around his domicile. But here is the rub: Dives did not treat Lazarus with generosity. Dives provided from a chintzy hearth to an unfortunate. If Lazarus had never received anything from Divesí table, he would have left his begging spot and searched for a more generous benefactor. But there was always just enough from Divesí table to keep Lazarus fixed, hoping for more. And this is, I think, the crime that Divesí is being punished for: his lack of generosity. (By the way, I read a lot of this material from another Christian blog, but itís been so many years that I have forgotten where or who itís from. But itís potency still stays with me). Therefore, Dives must have the chaff burned away from his soul, the impurity must be cleansed from him by fire before he, too, can enjoy resting against Abrahamís bosom.

Thank you for listening, and have a pleasant day,


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