When did the Church abandon animal sacrificeWhen did the Church abandon animal sacrifice?
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By Rafael - 28 Sep 2009

When the veil of the temple was rent at His [Jesus'] death, it indicated the end of the earthly sanctuary service of intersession by the high priest on earth for a more perfect intercessor in the tabernacle in heaven according to the book of Hebrews.

The rest of practices like Jewish feast observances, dietary laws, Sabbath, and even circumcision have been points of contention even to our days within Christianity and it is no surprise they could as well have been then. Shows that Christ did not leave precise instructions about how exactly the law of Moses was to be reinterpreted.

I see no reason for Christian not to observe the Jewish holidays instead of the Catholic ones and Saturday instead of Sunday that was introduced later and there was even a need to enforced it in Canon 29 to eradicate the practice of judiazing, for some Christians were still worshiping on Saturday.


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