Whose Life Is More Important?

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Whose Life Is More Important?
Comments by Gary - 1 Jul 2009

During Hurricane Katrina, I believe there were many non-vegetarians who went to great lengths to save their companion animals before (or instead of) checking to make sure the humans on their block were ok.

Also, many non-vegetarians spend thousands of dollars on vet bills for their companion animals that could instead go to food banks and so forth for humans.

I bring this up because, when the "dog or human stranger" scenario is posed as a theoretical question, especially if part of a debate or under contentious circumstances, I think non-vegetarians will give the answer they think they're supposed to give (perhaps in part because they don't want to concede the point), but in real life, it seems non-vegetarians are favoring their companion animals over humans whom they don't know all the time.

It may entirely natural that we feel more protective toward those whom we know - not to mention love - regardless of species, and feel more compelled to help them.


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