Whose Life Is More Important?

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Whose Life Is More Important?
Comments by Joseph - 1 Jul 2009

I'm sure most people would choose their own kin -including pets- over strangers. As a human, I certainly would prefer to save the life of a pet over somebody I didn't know. Heck, there are some people I'd want stuck in that building! Is that how Christ wants us to behave though: more concerned about our needs than others? How is this any different from an old man -or his family- who demands a kidney to prolong his life that could save a young kid? If that old man dies, his family will be devastated, so they can rationalize it as a noble deed when it's actually just selfish.

I'd want to save my pets over somebody I didn't know or somebody I didn't like, but ultimately, I'd have to take up my cross and sacrifice Sonic, Ren, or Serena for the sake of another, even my enemy. It would hurt, but I'd take solace in these truths: my pets will be with me in Heaven, that person might not if I allow him to die to preserve my own interests.

As for the hypothetical situation where I might save Hitler, it's also possible that if I save my dog instead, I might allow the man or woman who'd stop Hitler to die, allowing Hitler to torture and kill millions of people and animals.



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