Whose Life Is More Important?

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Whose Life Is More Important?
Comments by Kristen - 1 Jul 2009

I came across Gary L. Francione's website and was watching one of his presentations when a topic came up and it has been an argument I have had with my parents before, and I thought it would be great to get other Christian Veg's opinions on this question...

(this is only for those who have pets who are considered family members, not just "pets" but a member of the family)

If a building was going up in flames and you only had time to save one being who would you save?

a) your pet (family member) or
b) a person in the building you have never met before?

Now my father was furious that I answered, Bridgette, my dog, who has become my adopted daughter, the thought of losing her prematurely and well at all, is heartbreakingly painful...

And I posed him this question...

Since you do not know the other person...what if you decide to save them and they turn out to be Hitler or a Serial Killer...or evenů. what if you knew it was Hitler...who would you save?

He of course wouldn't answer and said my reasoning was ridiculous and unrealistic...but is it?

Am I wrong to choose my doggy daughter over a complete stranger?

I guess this question is a loaded one because some, even other vegetarians and vegans would still put humans before animals, and in some situations I would say rightly so...but how large is the gray area?

When does it become the gray area?

Should it always be black and white?

Are we as Christians supposed to always put other humans first? Why?

Is it a biological imperative to do so or a morally imperative reason?

Or were we just conditioned to put our own species above others?

Do all species put their own above another?



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