Whose Life Is More Important?

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Whose Life Is More Important?
Comments by Gary - 2 Jul 2009

I ask myself this constantly...why?? Why are humans more important than animals? If fact - and this is another whole tamale of argument - what about others on other planets? (If you believe that we are not the only ones God created) how do we rank with them? Why is one species more important than another? I guess it boils down to your faith and what you believe in...In this we can't give a 100% right or wrong answer because there is so much we do not know. But I do know this, as long as humans believe we are more important than animals, they will continue to be viewed as mere property; something to be dominated.

A couple of thoughts ---

- Putting aside the question of whether humans truly are more important than non-humans, does more important necessarily imply favorable treatment? Perhaps part of our importance is our ability to understand and practice self-sacrifice, both individually and as a species. (I do acknowledge that humans are not the only ones to sacrifice on behalf of another species; there are many accounts of animals taking great risks and incurring pain and injury to help others not of their species.)

- Jesus said that a good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep - I take this to mean self-sacrifice on behalf of animals.

So by my reading I don't see a clear, unambiguous "all humans get saved before any animals" ruling in the Bible.


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