Whose Life Is More Important?

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Whose Life Is More Important?
Comments by Kristen - 2 Jul 2009

Thanks for all the responses - yes I used an extremely hypothetical scenario - but the main premise of the question and why my Dad was so furious was the fact that I put animals on the same level of importance as humans. In my eyes we are all equal...this of course is just my opinion. I ask myself if I had felt this way before I became vegan or only after, and my answer is I think on some deep level I had always felt that way but never realized it until afterward hence my struggle with the Christian faith as in my previous topic thread. Because it does go against the Bible - and why most Christians (most people for that matter) won't think twice before shoving 700,000 plus chickens on a truck for slaughter...

Steve - thanking you for pointing this out...the fact that we do choose everyday by the purchases we make - whether it is food for our pets vs. the homeless or anything in general where that money could have been spent on the suffering people of this world instead.

And to answer some of your comments...

Greg - this is a very tricky question, one that I find in pro-life arguments all the time - and if I answered that question I might get a lot of hate mail and Steve would kick me off...but it is a very good argument and a question to ponder.

Gary - I never thought of this...I am sure a lot of people even saved their own property before even thinking to help save other humans - it is a hard concept to grasp but in our flaws most of the time we do tend to choose ourselves (and our things) over others...

Thanks Andrea much love!

Greg - I ask myself this constantly...why?? Why are humans more important than animals? If fact - and this is another whole tamale of argument - what about others on other planets? (If you believe that we are not the only ones God created) how do we rank with them? Why is one species more important than another? I guess it boils down to your faith and what you believe in...In this we can't give a 100% right or wrong answer because there is so much we do not know. But I do know this, as long as humans believe we are more important than animals, they will continue to be viewed as mere property; something to be dominated.

Joseph - fascinating argument - but than lets take out the division of species...if you had to choose between saving a devote Christian family member over a non-believing stranger who would you choose? You know that that family member would end up in heaven when they die because they believe in Christ - so would you save the stranger because they might some day come to Christ, and sacrifice your family member? What if that family member was your baby? Since babies automatically go to heaven - according to your argument it is better to save the stranger than your own baby.

Dana - this I think is always a fear with every parent, and one we don't like to think of often - but it wasn't supposed to be a "realistic" question - just an argument on the importance of one species vs. another. I go back to Joseph's argument - when we make decisions like this we are in essence acting "like God" - I ask you to take out the species factor and ask yourself this question - if it were your daughter or a stranger who would you choose? In essence by choosing your daughter you are making the same decision, you are saying that her life is more important than the stranger's...

Hannah - good question considering my father is the person I love most on this earth - he is also a fire captain for LA City - I am sure people have asked him to put his life at risk to save a family member or even a beloved pet still stuck in a burning building - is it right for me to be mad at that person for asking? For choosing to risk my father's life over someone they love?

Thanks for all of your comments and arguments!!!

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