Whose Life Is More Important?

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Whose Life Is More Important?
Comments by Laurie - 2 Jul 2009

I'm having a little trouble with that "what if", Greg. What if you save the little girl and she grows up to set fires (because of her childhood trauma in a fire) and kills 27 people when she sets an apartment building ablaze? You can't see into the future and you have no way to make valid "what if" scenarios and use them in a life-or-death, act-now-or-never situation. It just doesn't work.

Save the being who means the most to you. That's all anyone (including God) can expect of us. If I come home and see that my house is on fire, I'm going in to get my three cats, even if it risks my life. If my mom, who also lives with us, is also in the house, I'll probably get her out first, because I know how much guilt I'd feel letting my mother die. If my cats died as a result of the time I took to save her, I know me - I'd resent her for the rest of my life, but I would know I'd done the "right" thing, saving my mom. Of course, I'd go back in for the cats after I got her out to the street.

If a stranger and my cats are in the house? The stranger better find his or her way out.


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