Whose Life Is More Important?

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Whose Life Is More Important?
Comments by Stephen - 2 Jul 2009

I have been asking similar questions as those of Gary to all manner of people these past couple of months.

We humans, with a great deal of ignorance and arrogance, look out at the universe and conclude that everything is about us. That worldview is not consistent with the Biblical understanding that the universe and all therein belongs to God.

It seems to me, too, that the "burning building" is an apt comparison to this burning planet we find ourselves on. Who and what are we going to save and why?

Genesis has a story of a flooded Earth and that time around God ensured that every last species should be saved. I imagine that if God had only cared about humans the story would have been about Noah and his personal life raft rather than the Noah and the Ark.

In my opinion homo sapiens' ego could also be the cause of our demise, which, in many ways, will be a good thing. It might also allow room for a non-human, such as Bonobos (the peaceful pygmy chimpanzee), to evolve and become better stewards of Creation.

- Stephen

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