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The Last Dog was Race Held in Arkansas on December 31, 2022


December 2022

Greyhounds are now free in yet another state!

rescued Greyhound racer Gatsby

We would like to share the wonderful news that the GREYHOUNDS ARE FREE IN YET ANOTHER STATE. Thatís because on Saturday (December 31, 2022), Southland Greyhound Park of Arkansas held its last race!

Southland was among six new American tracks to open in the 1950s. Its very debut was marred by the electrocution of a greyhound during a promotional race. Sadly, thousands of greyhounds suffered injury and death at Southland for years.

Some dogs broke their necks, died of shock or heat exhaustion, while others snapped their legs and were summarily destroyed. Greyhounds also tested positive for cocaine and other illegal drugs, suggesting race fixing. Due to its poor reputation, Memphis newspapers would not accept paid advertisements from the facility for years.

Greyhound Riley

But then in 2019, following the passage of our ballot question in Florida, Southland track owner Delaware North announced that it would wind down operations. Thankfully, on December 31, 2022, the companyís promise became a reality!

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