Why Subsidies to NY Horseracing Are Immoral
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FROM HorseracingWrongs.org
November 2021

New York legislators announced a bill that would redirect nearly a quarter-billion dollars in annual subsidies away from the racing industry to public-good things like education and human services.

horseracing kills

Last week, legislators in New York announced a bill that would redirect nearly a quarter-billion dollars in annual subsidies from the racing industry to public-good things like education and human services. Horseracing Wrongs, I write proudly, is part of the coalition that has made this happen.

While the subsidies are wrong for other reasons – cheating schoolchildren, undermining the free market – they are mostly wrong, indeed immoral, because they have made the following possible. While reading, please bear in mind that these are only the deaths confirmed by the Gaming Commission; i.e., this is surely not a complete reckoning.

Uncle Smokey, Jan 2 (2014), Aqueduct R – “fractured cannon…euthanized on track”
Caixa Eletronica, Jan 4, Belmont T – “collision, suffered a fractured skull and died”
Six Drivers, Jan 4, Belmont T – “collision, suffered a fractured neck and died”
Shertzer, Jan 13, Belmont S – “septic tenosynovitis”
Go Canes Go, Jan 13, Belmont T – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Weis Star, Jan 22, Belmont S – “injured in stall, fractured P1”
Dixie Sparkle, Jan 26, Aqueduct R – “fell, fractured cannon…euthanized on track”
yet-to-be-named, Jan 28, Aqueduct S – “colic”
Valar Dohaeris, Jan 30, Belmont T – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Flashy in Pink, Feb 1, Belmont T – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Foreign Melody, Feb 21, Belmont S – “severe colic”
Andromeda’s Coming, Feb 22, Aqueduct R – “collision, fractured humerus”
Scottie C, Feb 22, Buffalo R – “fractured leg, inoperable”
Pay Tribute, Feb 26, Buffalo R – “fractured pastern…euthanized on track”
Sound of Drums, Mar 1, Aqueduct R – “fractured both LF sesamoids”
Changeinaction, Mar 5, Belmont T – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Hickory Louie, Mar 12, Monticello R – “died after finish, possible cardiac event”
Concept, Mar 15, Aqueduct T – “fractured humerus”
Itsagoodtendollars, Mar 15, Belmont T – “died from apparent cardiovascular collapse”
Striking Slew, Mar 23, Belmont S – “fractured humerus”
Jojonotjoelowe, Apr 3, Aqueduct T – “fractured leg”
Clawback, Apr 10, Aqueduct S – “found lying down, unable to stand, euthanized”
Corvo, Apr 10, Belmont S – “found dead in stall”
American Iron, Apr 15, Finger Lakes T – “jumped rail, no use of RF leg”
Recovered, Apr 18, Finger Lakes R – “fractured carpal”
Southwind Tabor, Apr 21, Yonkers R – “fractured fetlock, euthanized that night”
Aussi Austin, Apr 25, Aqueduct R – “spiral fracture, euthanized after operation”
Handstand, May 1, Belmont R – “fractured leg, euthanized in necropsy area”
Boston Chief, May 3, Finger Lakes T – “collapsed and died from skull fractures”
Liberty Cruise, May 5, Yonkers R – “found down after Lasix administration”
Very Very Grateful, May 13, Finger Lakes S – “fractured leg”
Lucky for You, May 18, Saratoga T – “fractured leg”
KZ Too, May 20, Monticello R – “fractured leg”
See the Music, May 21, Belmont R – “collapsed at the 3/16 pole and died”
Intense Holiday, May 25, Belmont T – “fractured leg, developed laminitis”
Just Mizzy, May 26, Finger Lakes S – “seizure-like symptoms, died”
Kingston Jamaica, May 29, Belmont T – fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Kissinginthedark, May 30, Finger Lakes R – “torn flexor tendon”
yet-to-be-named, Jun 4, Aqueduct T – “apparent cardiovascular event”
Samuels Blond Lady, Jun 5, Belmont R (euthanized Jun 8) – “slab fracture”
Lemon Sundae, Jun 7, Finger Lakes R – “collapsed and died enroute to test barn”
Faith N Moon, Jun 8, Buffalo R – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Bear’s Spirit, Jun 12, Aqueduct T – “fractured sesamoids”
Point Taken, Jun 14, Belmont S – “septic arthritis”
Fran’s Kid, Jun 18, Belmont T – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Dalglish, Jun 18, Monticello R – “collapsed and died at paddock gate”
Rock and Roll Star, Jun 20, Finger Lakes T – “fractured leg”
Run Katniss Run, Jun 23, Finger Lakes S – “flipped in washbay, fractured spine”
Roses for Romney, Jun 25, Belmont R – “fell, horse died of apparent neck trauma”
Elsaroarin, Jun 27, Finger Lakes R – “fractured pastern…euthanized on track”
Western Grit, Jun 28, Finger Lakes T – “fractured sesamoid…euthanized on track”
Michonne, Jul 4, Finger Lakes R – “broke through gate and ran into rail”
Havana Sunrise, Jul 5, Finger Lakes S – “septic infection”
This Guy Is Blue, Jul 6, Belmont R – “fractured leg, euthanized in necropsy area”
The Lucky Dream, Jul 10, Finger Lakes S – “collapsed and died in stall”
Music Maid, Jul 13, Belmont R – “fractured leg”
Indomitable Woman, Jul 17, Finger Lakes R – “fractured sesamoid”
Missy Zelliott, Jul 20, Belmont T – “collapsed and died”
Lifeguard On Duty, Jul 24, Saratoga T – “fractured sesamoids”
Double Gold, Jul 25, Saratoga T – “fell over rail, trauma to spine”
Chichita, Jul 26, Finger Lakes R – “fractured sesamoid”
Gimmeanotherwink, Jul 28, Finger Lakes R – “fractured both sesamoids”
Father Johns Pride, Jul 28, Saratoga R – “ambulanced off, euthanized in necropsy area”
Majic Laughter, Jul 29, Batavia S – “found dead in stall”
Quorum, Jul 29, Finger Lakes R – “fractured sesamoids”
Lavender Road, Jul 30, Saratoga R (euth Jul 31) – “collapsed, fractured vertebrae”
Sir William Bruce, Aug 2, Saratoga R – “collapsed after unsaddling and died”
Superbe Rulah, Aug 6, Monticello S – “found dead in stall”
Banker Bailout, Aug 8, Finger Lakes S – “foundered front legs”
Regretless, Aug 11, Saratoga R – “collapsed and died on track”
Genaro, Aug 11, Tioga S – “ruptured intestine”
Cashion, Aug 16, Belmont T – “fractured leg”
M B and Tee, Aug 21, Saratoga R – “collapsed after finish, died on track”
Rubysandpearls, Aug 22, Finger Lakes S – “post-surgical complications”
Kamarius, Aug 23, Saratoga T – “fractured leg”
Ludicrous, Aug 23, Saratoga R – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Elena Strikes, Aug 24, Saratoga T – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Makari, Aug 25, Saratoga R – “fell after going over hurdle, died on track”
Vanessa Halo, Aug 26, Finger Lakes T – “fractured pelvis”
Divine Guidance, Aug 27, Saratoga R (euthanized Aug 29) – “fractured leg”
See See See, Aug 29, Belmont S – “fractured knee”
Major Battle, Sep 5, Belmont T – “fell and died, cause unknown”
Gerryland, Sep 7, Finger Lakes T – “fractured leg”
Kitt’s Kool Katt, Sep 7, Finger Lakes T – “open fracture of humerus”
Ego Friendly, Sep 10, Belmont T – “collapsed and died”
Mulheb, Sep 10, Belmont R (euthanized Sep 12) – “carpal slab fracture”
Freddie Freud, Sep 13, Belmont T – “fractured leg”
DJ’s Hope, Sep 13, Finger Lakes R – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Tale of the Spa, Sep 19, Saratoga T – “fractured leg”
Monsterinthepaint, Sep 25, Vernon S – “colonic ulceration with colitis”
Here in a Hurry, Oct 1, Belmont T – “fractured shoulder”
G W’s Hammer, Oct 3, Finger Lakes R – “went down at finish, fractured cannon”
Stenson, Oct 8, Belmont R – “fractured sesamoids”
Endearing, Oct 9, Belmont T – “fell at wire, fractured leg”
Grand Arrival, Oct 10, Belmont T – “fell at 1/8 pole, fractured leg”
Giant Hearted Lee, Oct 13, Belmont R – “fractured leg”
Beautiful Mimi, Oct 13, Finger Lakes S – “flipped, hit head, fractured neck”
Perfect Danger, Oct 23, Belmont S – “laminitis”
Zaikov, Oct 23, Belmont T – “fell at 3/4 pole, fractured humerus”
Chase This Bandit, Oct 24, Belmont R – “fell, fractured leg, euthanized on track”
Saint Kris (sic?), Oct 25, Belmont T – “collapsed and died – pulmonary hemorrhage”
Summer Sunset, Oct 31, Aqueduct R – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Jesses Giant Dunk, Oct 31, Aqueduct R – “ligament rupture”
Alison’s Wyn, Nov 2, Finger Lakes S – “suffered avulsion, fractured leg”
Zo Sophisticated, Nov 3, Belmont T – “collapsed and died”
Antone Suavey, Nov 3, Finger Lakes R – “went down…euthanized on track”
Astronomo, Nov 4, Finger Lakes S – “fractured fetlock”
Demo, Nov 7, Finger Lakes S – “severe UTI, found dead in stall”
Pete, Nov 11, Finger Lakes T – “fractured pastern”
Knockher Off, Nov 12, Aqueduct R – “fell, died on the track, apparent neck trauma”
Santa Baby, Nov 16, Yonkers R – “fractured pastern”
Threetimes a Saint, Nov 26, Finger Lakes R – “fractured sesamoid”
Wild Perfection, Nov 27, Finger Lakes S – “found dead in stall”
Cherokee Artist, Nov 28, Aqueduct R – “fractured leg”
Keen Katana, Nov 30, Belmont S – “severe colitis and endotoxemia”
Princes On Thelake, Dec 3, Aqueduct R – “fell at 1/4 pole, fractured cannon”
Carla Sweetrevenge, Dec 3, Finger Lakes R – “went down…euthanized on track”
Warrior’s Hero, Dec 4, Aqueduct R – “fractured carpus”
Quick Money, Dec 5, Aqueduct R – “fell – died on track due to neck trauma”
Half Nelson, Dec 5, Aqueduct R – “fell over fallen horse, fractured shoulder”
Sage Valley, Dec 10, Aqueduct R – “fell after finish, died on track”
Ludo Bagman, Dec 11, Aqueduct R – “fractured sesamoids”
Deckers, Dec 15, Belmont T – “fractured sesamoids”
Celebrate We Will, Dec 26, Aqueduct R – “fractured leg”
Wicked Irish, Dec 27, Aqueduct R – “fractured sesamoids”
Soldier Inthe Rain, Dec 31, Belmont T – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Golden Bay, Jan 2 (2015), Aqueduct R – “fractured leg”
Shewreckstheplace, Jan 4, Aqueduct R – “fractured sesamoids”
Reminic, Jan 7, Monticello R (euthanized Jan 8) – “fractured leg”
Channel of Love, Jan 9, Aqueduct T – “fractured leg”
Apex, Jan 9, Aqueduct R – “fell, fractured leg”
Italian Rules, Jan 9, Aqueduct R – “torn suspensory”
You Take the Cake, Jan 15, Aqueduct R – “fell, fractured neck”
One More Chief, Jan 16, Belmont T – “fractured cannon and sesamoids”
Senso, Jan 18, Aqueduct T – “ran into rail, possible pelvic fracture”
Miss Macarena, Jan 22, Aqueduct R – “fractured leg”
Tornado City, Jan 26, Belmont T – “fractured leg”
She’s a Cowgirl, Mar 6, Saratoga Harness R (euthanized Mar 7) – “fractured leg”
Risk the Moon, Mar 12, Aqueduct R – “fell, fractured leg”
Summer Hawk, Mar 19, Belmont T – “fractured sesamoid”
Eastcoast Lights, Mar 29, Belmont S – “severe colic”
On The Brink, Apr 9, Yonkers R – “fractured leg”
Fashion Shark, Apr 9, Yonkers R – “collapsed and died – artery rupture”
Subtle Humor, Apr 12, Aqueduct R – “fractured leg”
Con Sneaky, Apr 12, Aqueduct R – “fell, fractured tibia”
Zenstone, Apr 16, Aqueduct R (euthanized Apr 17) – “fractured leg”
Make a Friend, Apr 17, Buffalo R – “fractured leg”
Uninfluenced, Apr 19, Belmont T – “fractured leg”
Morning Joe, Apr 19, Saratoga Harness S – “previously fractured pelvis, distress”
American Hero, Apr 25, Belmont T – “fractured leg”
Lunar Tales, Apr 26, Belmont T – “collapsed and died after breezing”
Spider Bride, Apr 29, Finger Lakes T – “shoulder fracture”
You Gotta Believe, May 1, Saratoga T – “impaled stifle on rail”
Jay Bird, May 5, Saratoga T – “sudden death – pulmonary hemorrhage”
Otoy, May 8, Aqueduct T – “fell while galloping, humeral fracture”
Mr Reid, May 16, Aqueduct S – “found dead – severe colic”
Prime Time City, May 16, Finger Lakes R (euth May 22) – “multiple knee fractures”
Mr. O’Leary, May 17, Aqueduct T – “fractured leg”
Sunshine Bliss, May 18, Finger Lakes R (euthanized May 19) – “injured limb”
Sin Banderas, May 19, Finger Lakes S – “lacerated tendons”
Clever King, May 20, Finger Lakes S – “found deceased in stall”
Zzaj, May 21, Saratoga T – “fractured tibia”
Fancy Pancy, May 24, Finger Lakes T – “collapsed and died on track”
Gabbole, May 28, Belmont T – “fractured sesamoid”
Big Sky Paradise, May 28, Monticello R – “severed tendon”
Icprideicpower, May 29, Finger Lakes T – “catastrophic cardiac event”
Soul House, May 30, Belmont R – “horse died – cardiovascular collapse”
Sea Fighter, Jun 2, Finger Lakes S – “chronic diarrhea, colitis, laminitis”
Hughes Next, Jun 4, Finger Lakes R – “fractured leg”
Helwan, Jun 6, Belmont R – “fractured leg”
Canadian Wish, Jun 8, Finger Lakes S – “severe diarrhea”
Ghostof Gettysburg, Jun 13, Belmont S – “severe colic and diarrhea”
Animal Kracker, Jun 20, Belmont R – “fractured sesamoids”
Coast of Carolina, Jun 22, Finger Lakes T – “fractured sesamoid”
Looks R Deceiving, Jun 28, Vernon R – “fractured leg”
Defined, Jun 30, Saratoga T – “fractured sesamoids”
Katmai Unleashed, Jul 6, Finger Lakes R – “fractured sesamoids”
Start It Up, Jul 10, Aqueduct S – “laminitis both front feet”
Lord Cashel, Jul 11, Belmont R – “fractured leg”
Retaking, Jul 11, Finger Lakes R (euthanized Jul 16) – “fractured ankle”
Vroom Hanover, Jul 11, Tioga S – “illness”
Leverage, Jul 13, Finger Lakes T – “fractured cannon”
Miss Lucky Lauren, Jul 15, Belmont T – “fractured shoulder”
Painted Poney, Jul 16, Finger Lakes S – “colitis”
Bella Bamba, Jul 17, Finger Lakes S – “history of kicking walls; fractured hip”
Bettors Curse, Jul 18, Saratoga Harness R – “ankle instability”
Imposing Figure, Jul 20, Finger Lakes R – “pulled up, vanned off”
Rainin Fire, Jul 28, Monticello T – “fell warming up, fractured shoulder”
Image of Luck, Jul 28, Yonkers R – “laceration”
Jackson N Leonard, Aug 1, Saratoga T – “fractured sesamoids”
Kathy’s Reward, Aug 1, Saratoga T – “fractured cannon”
Innovation Economy, Aug 1, Saratoga R – “fractured leg”
It’s All Your Fault, Aug 9, Batavia T – “fractured leg”
On a Snowy Evening, Aug 14, Saratoga R – “fractured sesamoid”
Big Looie, Aug 16, Saratoga T – “fractured sesamoids”
Mondor, Aug 20, Finger Lakes R – “fractured leg”
Warranee Prince, Aug 21, Tioga R – “fractured leg”
Darling Bridezilla, Aug 25, Saratoga S – “sudden death due to cardiac incident”
Divine Fortune, Aug 27, Saratoga R – “fell over last jump – fractured humerus”
Country Muse, Aug 30, Saratoga T – “fractured sesamoids”
Sicilia Nino, Aug 31, Belmont T – “fractured sesamoids”
Wild Hardships, Aug 31, Finger Lakes R – “fractured carpus”
Disappear Here, Sep 19, Belmont T – “fractured sesamoids”
Totally Discreet, Sep 22, Saratoga S – “laminitis both front feet”
Chase the Giant, Oct 1, Finger Lakes R – “fractured sesamoid”
Nine Innings, Oct 2, Batavia R – “fractured ankle”
Marked Bills, Oct 11, Belmont T – “collapsed and died while breezing”
Jade Run, Oct 15, Finger Lakes R – “unable to stand, in distress”
Dilly Magilly, Oct 16, Belmont T – “fractured sesamoids”
Logan’s Slogan, Oct 16, Finger Lakes S – “arytenoid chondritis”
Sky Devil, Oct 17, Finger Lakes R – “fell, fractured sesamoid”
Flynn Bug, Oct 19, Belmont T – “collapsed and died after breezing”
Blue Sixty Four, Oct 26, Belmont T – “crashed into rail – head trauma”
In Haste, Oct 30, Belmont T – “cardiovascular collapse”
Bam Bam, Oct 30, Belmont R – “fractured cannon”
Reyana an Reya Act, Nov 4, Aqueduct T – “carpal fracture”
Country Delight, Nov 6, Batavia S – “fractured pastern”
Delightfully Mine, Nov 6, Saratoga Harness S – “colic without resolution”
The Lewis Dinner, Nov 15, Aqueduct S – “chronic infection from throat surgery”
Rush Now, Nov 17, Finger Lakes S – “colic”
R Free Roll, Nov 27, Belmont T – “fractured leg”
D Terminata, Nov 28, Saratoga Harness R – “horse fell and died on the track”
Banker’s Boss, Nov 30, Belmont T – “fractured leg”
Fashion Fund, Dec 1, Belmont S – “comminuted femoral and pelvic fractures”
Bettor Again, Dec 5, Batavia R – “fractured sesamoid”
Little Love, Dec 17, Aqueduct R – “leg fracture”
Blooper, Dec 27, Aqueduct R – “collapsed and died”
Successful Sweep, Dec 27, Aqueduct R – “fell, dislocation of fetlock”
Sharyn’s Dream, Jan 2 (2016), Belmont T – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Uncle Duncan, Jan 10, Aqueduct R – “sesamoid fracture”
Bellamy Xpress, Jan 16, Aqueduct R – “fractured leg”
Police Camp, Jan 22, Belmont T – “fractured cannon…euthanized on track”
Mini Muffin, Jan 22, Belmont T – “fractured sesamoids”
Lemon Iceking, Jan 29, Belmont S – “found dead in stall”
Power Crazed, Jan 29, Belmont T (euthanized Mar 24) – “shoulder, nerve damage”
Songa, Jan 30, Belmont T – “fell, fractured leg, euthanized on track”
Wild Target, Feb 6, Aqueduct T – “collapsed and died after breezing”
Alysaro, Feb 7, Aqueduct R – “fractured leg”
Scatoosh, Feb 18, Belmont T – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Art of Darkness, Feb 19, Buffalo R – “fractured leg”
Kibble, Feb 21, Aqueduct R – “suspected pelvic fracture, went into shock”
Klassic Pat, Feb 24, Belmont S – “colitis”
Report For Duty N, Mar 11, Yonkers R – “fell to the ground, suspected ruptured aorta”
Basanite, Mar 20, Belmont S – “adverse drug reaction”
Fool To Cry, Mar 31, Yonkers R – “fractured cannon”
It’s Elementary, Apr 8, Belmont T – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Alexa’s Miracle, Apr 9, Belmont S – “euthanized for vertebral disease”
Cndiana Jones, Apr 9, Saratoga Harness T – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
What the Frost, Apr 10, Finger Lakes T – “fractured sesamoids”
Loomin’ Lori Lou, Apr 12, Finger Lakes T – “fractured sesamoid”
Cuantos, Apr 13, Aqueduct R – “fell, [multiple] fractures, euthanized on track”
Copper Forest, Apr 22, Finger Lakes T – “collapsed and died after breezing”
Ideal Brandi, Apr 29, Saratoga Harness R – “possibly bled internally”
Hypnotist, May 12, Yonkers R – “died on track after race”
Big Time Rocks, May 14, Buffalo R – “reared, hit head, died”
Tug River Dylan, May 15, Saratoga Harness R – “collapsed and died on track after race”
Karenina Gal, May 18, Belmont R – “[multiple] fractures”
Rock Show, May 20, Belmont R – “fracture, rupture, euthanized”
Soho Highroller A, May 23, Yonkers R – “collapsed and died after race”
Quaralia, May 26, Belmont T – “pulled up lame, [multiple] fractures”
Yodelmesomemagic, May 27, Finger Lakes S – “found dead in stall – suspect colic”
Hadeed Fi Hadeed, May 30, Saratoga T – “fractured leg”
Feels Like Magic N, May 30, Yonkers R – “shattered pastern”
Noble’s Whim, Jun 1, Belmont T – “fractured shoulder”
Precise Accusation, Jun 1, Buffalo R – “unrepairable fracture to leg”
Go Go Jo, Jun 4, Belmont S – “found recumbent in stall”
Riding the Rails, Jun 4, Belmont T – “[multiple] fractures”
Mordi’s Miracle, Jun 4, Belmont R – “ambulanced off, euthanized”
Rose Bern, Jun 8, Belmont T – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Bustin, Jun 10, Finger Lakes T – “injury to fetlock, euthanized on track”
Smile a Little, Jun 10, Tioga S – “colic”
Xtreme Marine, Jun 11, Buffalo R – “fractures of the pastern”
Majestic Joe, Jun 12, Belmont T – “[multiple] fractures”
Sixth Man, Jun 12, Saratoga Harness R (euthanized three weeks later) – “fracture”
Anchorwoman, Jun 13, Finger Lakes R – “fractured sesamoids…euthanized on track”
Bonita Luna, Jun 17, Belmont R – “leg fracture”
Escape to Vegas, Jun 18, Belmont T – “fractured seamoids”
Todo Onota, Jun 20, Belmont T – “fractured sesamoids”
Sweet Hot Toddy, Jul 5, Finger Lakes R – “fractured sesamoids…euthanized on track”
Mary’s Legacy, Jul 9, Finger Lakes R – “fractured sesamoids…euthanized on track”
Futurazo, Jul 14, Finger Lakes R – “fractured sesamoid…euthanized on track”
The Grey Bullet, Jul 14, Vernon S – “found dead in stall”
Hisnameisdash, Jul 16, Finger Lakes T – “bowed tendon – euthanized”
Squire Creek, Jul 16, Saratoga T – “fell, fractured ulna, euthanized on track”
Was It Worth It, Jul 19, Finger Lakes R (euthanized Aug 8) – “ligament rupture”
Stradivari, Jul 22, Saratoga T (euthanized Dec) – “fractured leg”
Zamjara, Jul 23, Saratoga R – “fractured leg”
Rootformejustin, Jul 23, Saratoga R – “pulled up, ambulanced off, euthanized”
Indian Nobility, Jul 27, Saratoga R – “ruptured ligaments”
Domestic Warrior, Aug 1, Saratoga R – “fractured sesamoids…euthanized on track”
Lebowski, Aug 2, Saratoga S – “found dead outside stall”
Jesse’s Story, Aug 2, Yonkers R – “horse fell, severe skull fracture, died”
Iwannabejustlikeu, Aug 3, Batavia R (euthanized Aug 20) – “fractured leg [twice]”
Jonrah, Aug 3, Saratoga T – “fractured cannon…euthanized on track”
Midnight Visitor, Aug 4, Saratoga R (euthanized Aug 5) – “fell suffering head trauma”
Wheels Up Now, Aug 5, Saratoga T – “fractured sesamoids”
Recepta, Aug 5, Saratoga T (euthanized Nov) – “fractured pelvis”
Victorious Lover, Aug 15, Finger Lakes T – “fractured sesamoid…euthanized on track”
Tighten Up, Aug 19, Yonkers R – “fractured pastern…euthanized on track”
Prince Corredor, Aug 20, Saratoga T – “collapsed and died after breezing”
Git On Bob, Aug 22, Finger Lakes R – “collapsed and died”
Elusive Neko, Aug 24, Saratoga T – “fractured cannon”
Bob Le Beau, Aug 25, Saratoga R – “fractured cannon”
Ring of Truth, Aug 25, Saratoga R – “humeral fracture…euthanized on track”
Desert Trial, Aug 28, Saratoga T – “collapsed and died”
Private Thrill, Sep 3, Finger Lakes R – “fractured sesamoid”
Sayalittlprayrfrme, Sep 7, Batavia R – “found down and in extreme distress”
McDynamite, Sep 8, Yonkers R – “pulled up, off on right hind”
Black Doblin, Sep 9, Aqueduct T – “fractured leg”
Its Only Fair, Sep 9, Saratoga T – “collapsed and died after breezing”
yet-to-be-named, Sep 17, Belmont T – “fractured humerus”
Indiana Stones, Sep 17, Finger Lakes R – “fractured knee”
Sgt. Major Ross, Sep 17, Finger Lakes R – “fractured sesamoids”
Core Competency, Sep 19, Saratoga T – “fractured leg”
Cam Dan Kadandy, Sep 23, Saratoga Harness R – “fell, [multiple] fractures”
Lost in D Shuffle, Sep 25, Finger Lakes S – “leg caught on walking machine”
Dontevnthnkaboutit, Sep 26, Finger Lakes T – “impaled shoulder on rail”
Notwhoiseemtobe, Sep 27, Finger Lakes R – “fractured sesamoids”
Apostles Creed, Sep 27, Yonkers R – “pulled up, laid down, and died”
yet-to-be-named, Sep 30, Belmont S – “found dead in stall – fractured pelvis”
Fort Smith, Oct 2, Belmont R – “fractured leg”
Onlytheshadowknows, Oct 3, Belmont T – “fractured sesamoids”
yet-to-be-named, Oct 8, Finger Lakes T – “fractured pelvis”
Willy, Oct 11, Belmont S – “colic”
Take Me Away, Oct 11, Finger Lakes R – “fractured knee…euthanized on track”
Cinder Block, Oct 15, Belmont R – “leg fracture”
The Silver Frisby, Oct 17, Belmont T – “leg fracture”
Sachicomula, Oct 17, Finger Lakes R – “suspect fractured pelvis, euthanized on track”
A Chip and a Chair, Oct 19, Belmont T – “fractured sesamoids…euthanized on track”
She’s My Ghibli, Oct 19, Belmont R – “fractured carpus”
Baccelo, Oct 20, Belmont T – “fractured leg”
Winter Games, Oct 20, Belmont T – “suffered fracture to leg”
Long Blooming Rose, Oct 21, Belmont T – “ruptured suspensory”
Surreal Dream, Nov 5, Finger Lakes S – “septicemia of unknown origin”
Spectacular Shirin, Nov 5, Finger Lakes R – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Daves Gone Bananas, Nov 12, Belmont T – “fractured leg”
Englehart, Nov 12, Belmont T – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Zingarella, Nov 16, Finger Lakes R (euthanized Nov 17) – “fractured leg”
Our Sweet Lilly, Nov 18, Aqueduct T – “leg fracture”
Actively, Nov 19, Aqueduct S – “died in stall – apparent colic”
Kim Royale, Nov 25, Aqueduct R (euthanized Nov 26) – “pelvic fracture”
Flat Out Licked Em, Nov 29, Finger Lakes R – “fractured carpus”
Justenuffaddie, Nov 30, Finger Lakes R – “fractured scapula…euthanized on track”
Flaming Fever, Nov 30, Finger Lakes R – “hard collision, fractured sesamoid”
Sinistra, Dec 5, Belmont T – “collapsed and died”
Crystal Belle, Dec 10, Belmont T – “fractured sesamoids”
Condo Prince, Dec 31, Aqueduct R – “fractured cannon…euthanized on track”
Massena, early Jan (2017), Belmont T (euthanized Jan 23) – “severe laminitis”
Fortune Faded, Jan 16, Aqueduct S – “chronic severe laminitis”
Upside Brown, Jan 17, Belmont T – “fractured leg”
Prince Zurs, Jan 21, Aqueduct R (euthanized Feb 2) – “suspensory issue”
Charming Vicky, Jan 22, Aqueduct T – “fractured sesamoids”
Lost Note, Jan 22, Aqueduct R – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Kristi Q, Jan 22, Aqueduct R – “flipped over hitting head and died”
Jules, Jan 27, Belmont S – “squamous cell carcinoma”
Yankee Tales, Jan 27, Belmont T – “fractured sesamoids”
Big Unit, Feb 8, Buffalo R – “pulled up, trailered off – fractured leg”
Blameiton Brooklyn, Feb 10, Aqueduct R – “carpal fracture”
Frat Star, Feb 12, Aqueduct R – “fell, [multiple] fractures, euthanized on track”
Regulus, Feb 12, Aqueduct R – “fractured sesamoids…euthanized on track”
Wheretheparty’sat, Feb 21, Monticello R – “fractured pastern”
Fabulous Kid, Feb 26, Belmont S – “severe laminitis”
Missy’s Hat Trick, Feb 27, Belmont T – “fractured shoulder”
Shotgun Love, Mar 7, Aqueduct S – “severe laminitis both front feet”
Read the Dream, Mar 12, Aqueduct R – “carpal fracture…euthanized on track”
Maelstrom, Mar 28, Saratoga Harness S – “severe colic”
Second City, Apr 1, Aqueduct R – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Incognito, Apr 1, Saratoga Harness R – “disrupted distal sesamoidian ligament”
Mac’s Posse, Apr 9, Belmont T – “fell, severe traumatic back/pelvic injury”
Cespedes, Apr 10, Aqueduct T – “fractured leg”
Receiver, Apr 22, Belmont T – “ligament rupture”
Flatterfly, Apr 23, Aqueduct R – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
All Class, Apr 24, Finger Lakes T – “flipped and fractured its back”
Mere Aglise, Apr 27, Finger Lakes T – “horse collapsed and died on track”
Rich ‘n’ Tuck, Apr 28, Belmont S – “severe colic”
Cornedbeefncabbage, Apr 28, Belmont T – “fractured sesamoids, euthanized on track”
Choice Indian, Apr 29, Finger Lakes T – “collapsed”
Aragonite, Apr 30, Belmont R – “suffered a musculoskeletal injury”
Puissant, May 7, Belmont T – “fractured cannon”
Silk Spinner, May 15, Finger Lakes R – “fractured sesamoid”
Classy Chris, May 17, Belmont R – “ran through rail, fractured leg”
Quick Coconut, May 19, Finger Lakes S – “found dead in stall”
Yo Adrienne, May 22, Finger Lakes T – “horse lethargic after training, fell and died”
R Sleeping Beauty, May 24, Finger Lakes R – “severe suspensory ligament tear”
On the Deadline, May 27, Finger Lakes R – “suffered catastrophic injury, fetlock”
Storm the Shore, May 28, Belmont R – “fractured leg”
Lakalas, May 28, Saratoga T – “collapsed and died”
Happy Match, Jun 3, Belmont R – “fractured sesamoids”
Sharp as a Tack, Jun 10, Tioga T – “death in barn following an on-track warm up”
Chrome Finish, Jun 18, Buffalo R – “struck head, collapsed and died”
Malibu Squeeze, Jun 21, Belmont S – “severe laminitis”
Sporty Big Boy, Jun 22, Saratoga Harness R – “collision with another horse”
Non Stop, Jun 25, Belmont R – “fracture, ligament rupture”
Flying Bullet, Jun 27, Belmont T – “fractured leg”
Adirondack Dancer, Jun 28, Belmont S – “severe laminitis”
Hidden Accounts, Jun 29, Belmont S – “horse spooked, fell awkwardly”
Ed’s Dream, Jun 29, Saratoga Harness R – “died on track after race”
Dream Player, Jul 2, Belmont R – “flipped over inside rail sustaining blunt trauma”
Small Print, Jul 3, Finger Lakes T – “torn/ruptured tendon”
Queen B, Jul 6, Saratoga T – “fractured leg”
Sapporo, Jul 14, Belmont R – “carpal fracture”
Regal Babe, Jul 15, Buffalo R – “multiple fractures”
Rule the City, Jul 16, Belmont R (euthanized Sep 29) – “euthanized following surgery”
Wanztbwicked, Jul 22, Saratoga T – “suspensory rupture”
Fashion Delight, Jul 23, Yonkers R – “shattered pastern…euthanized on track”
Dr. Stone, Jul 26, Finger Lakes S – “fell backwards, began to have seizure, euthanized”
Angels Seven, Jul 28, Saratoga R – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Howard Beach, Jul 29, Saratoga T – “fractured leg”
Positive Waves, Jul 29, Saratoga T – “fractured leg”
Brooklyn Major, Jul 31, Saratoga R – “collapsed after wire and died”
Marshall Plan, Aug 2, Saratoga T – “fractured condylar”
Fall Colors, Aug 3, Saratoga R – “died on track from trauma sustained in fall”
Munjaz, Aug 3, Saratoga R – “fractured leg”
Lakeside Sunset, Aug 5, Saratoga T – “fractured leg”
Unbroken Chain, Aug 6, Saratoga R – “fractured leg…euthanized on track”
Duquesne Whistle, Aug 7, Saratoga S – “colic”
Cougar Hanover, Aug 9, Monticello R – “collapsed and died after race”
Love You Bad, Aug 9, Monticello R – “collapsed and died in stall after racing”
Hot Cajun Sauce, Aug 10, Finger Lakes T – “sustained spinal injury”
Sweetneida, Aug 11, Saratoga R – “fractured sesamoids”
Meteoroid, Aug 16, Saratoga R – “injured leg…euthanized on track”
Sayonara Rose, Aug 17, Saratoga R – “fractured sesamoids…euthanized on track”
Travelin Soldier, Aug 19, Saratoga T – “fractured leg”
That’s Amore, Aug 23, Finger Lakes R (euthanized Aug 25) – “carpal fracture”
Girlslovechocolate, Aug 25, Finger Lakes S – “laminitis”
That Mr. P, Aug 26, Saratoga S – “acute colic”
Wanna Rock N Roll, Aug 30, Batavia R – “horse collapsed and died”
Alpha Dance, Aug 30, Finger Lakes R – “pulled up, exited track, collapsed and died”
Aggie’s Honor, Aug 31, Saratoga T – “fractured leg”
Karen Kan, Sep 1, Belmont T – “fractured humeral bone”
Irish Prayer, Sep 2, Belmont T – “fractured sesamoids”
Bay City Blues, Sep 4, Finger Lakes R – “fractured sesamoid…euthanized on track”
Timber, Sep 6, Finger Lakes S – “paralyzed arytenoids”
Ice Maker, Sep 12, Finger Lakes S – “colic”
Top Fortitude, Sep 17, Belmont R – “fell at 3/8 pole…euthanized on track”
Hank Who, Sep 18, Finger Lakes R – “fractured sesamoids”
Somekindasexy, Sep 18, Saratoga T – “fractured sesamoids”
Submit, Sep 20, Belmont R – “fractured cannon…euthanized on track”
Legal Tendora, Sep 21, Finger Lakes R – “fractured sesamoid…euthanized on track”
Madgirl, Sep 22, Belmont T – “fractured sesamoids”
Al’s Nightmare, Sep 23, Belmont T – “injury to cannon bone”
Sherlock’s Hope, Sep 25, Belmont S – “acute severe laminitis in all four feet”
Scootin Bay, Sep 27, Batavia R – “came off track, collapsed”
Red Cash, Sep 29, Saratoga Harness R – “fractured pastern”
Falcon’s Chance, Oct 7, Saratoga Harness R – “fractured pastern”
Hold On Momma, Oct 14, Belmont S – “severe case of colic”
Roberta Brooks, Oct 14, Saratoga T – “fractured cannon”
Freudian Dilemma, Oct 18, Finger Lakes S – “found deceased in stall – gastric issues”
Judge Maggie, Oct 18, Finger Lakes R – “fractured limb…euthanized on track”
Bourbonfuhrme, Oct 21, Belmont R – “fractured cannon”
Rip Loves Maize, Oct 24, Finger Lakes S – “collapsed in stall and expired”
Saratoga Swayz, Oct 26, Belmont T – “humeral fracture”
Hyde Park Express, Oct 31, Belmont T – “struck by horse, euthanized on track”
Elite Kid, Oct 31, Belmont T (euthanized Nov 11) – “collided with [above]”
Ronnie’s Whey, Oct 31, Finger Lakes R – “fractured limb…euthanized on track”
Papa Freud, Nov 3, Aqueduct R – “vanned off and euthanized”
Left the Galaxy, Nov 6, Finger Lakes T – “fractured sesamoid”
Hy Brasil, Nov 11, Aqueduct R – “suffered a fatal musculoskeletal injury”
Ogan’s Runner, Nov 16, Belmont T (euthanized Nov 17) – “fracture”
Momma’s Moonshine, Nov 16, Finger Lakes T (euth Dec 1) – “fractures, both front legs”
Turcotte, Nov 18, Belmont T – “condylar fracture”
Act Surprised, Nov 20, Finger Lakes R – “fractured shoulder…euthanized on track”
Iggy Loco, Nov 22, Aqueduct R – “vanned off and euthanized”
Rainy Night, Nov 22, Belmont S – “severe hemorrhage from tear/trauma”
Winter Wish, Nov 24, Finger Lakes R – “fractured sesamoids…euthanized on track”
Bail, Nov 25, Belmont T – “[multiple] fractures”
Fusaichi Red, Dec 9, Aqueduct R – “fractured P1”
Lucky Sugar, Dec 9, Belmont T – “fractured cannon…euthanized on track”
Steve’s Image, Jan 7 (2018), Belmont S – “horse died in stall from apparent colic”
Alex the Terror, Jan 9, Belmont T – “fractured sesamoids”
Old Dubai, Jan 19, Belmont T – “euthanized on track due to compound fracture”
Sing the Dream, Jan 27, Aqueduct R – “fell at the 3/8 pole…euthanized on track”
Purring On Empty, Jan 28, Aqueduct R – “ambulanced to barn, euthanized”
Jeter, Feb 6, Aqueduct S – “horse died – acute colic”
Dragon Dread, Feb 14, Monticello S – “found deceased in stall this morning”
Ladies Day, Feb 16, Belmont S – “was recumbent and could not rise”
Ciaran, Mar 6, Belmont T – “fracture, vanned off, euthanized”
A Fleet Attitude, Mar 10, Aqueduct R – “bad step, fractured cannon”
Motown Sound, Mar 11, Aqueduct R – “pulled up, vanned off, euthanized”
Shelby’s Ideal, Mar 13, Monticello S – “found dead – acute colic”
Lawgiver Hanover, Mar 13, Yonkers R – “broke cannon bone”
Threefortyfive, Mar 15, Aqueduct T (euthanized Mar 16) – “fractured cannon”
Tipitina, Mar 29, Yonkers R – “hooked wheels [with other buggies]”
Pappy’s Pal, Apr 2, Yonkers R – “fractured pastern”
You’llrememberwhen, Apr 3, Finger Lakes S – “died in stall – possible colic”
Anchor, Apr 6, Belmont S – “horse was found dead in stall”
Milo Milo, Apr 7, Aqueduct R (euthanized Apr 9) – “euthanized for a leg injury”
Clooney Drummond, Apr 11, Buffalo R – “comminuted P2 fracture”
Overdraft, Apr 13, Aqueduct R (euthanized Jun 3) – “fractured pelvis”
Yosemite Camn, Apr 28, Buffalo R – “ambulanced off track and euthanized”
Belt High, May 3, Belmont T – “[multiple] fractures, euthanized on track”
Desert Affair, May 6, Belmont R – “suffered a fatal musculoskeletal injury”
The Berber, May 14, Finger Lakes T – “catastrophic injury to shoulder”
Terry O Geri, May 18, Belmont S – “found dead in stall two days after surgery”
Run Rate, May 18, Saratoga T (euthanized Jun 7) – “injury to knee”
Baby Lightweight, May 21, Finger Lakes S – “laminitis both front limbs”
Mark My Style, May 24, Belmont T – “suffered a soft tissue injury”
Magnum Moon, Jun, Belmont T (euth Oct 4, 2019) – “year-long battle with laminitis”
Cash Poor, Jun 3, Saratoga Harness R – “horse collapsed and died after finishing”
Fairway Tom, Jun 6, Finger Lakes S – “colic”
Montauk, Jun 7, Belmont T – “fractured shoulder”
Seasoned Saint, Jun 9, Yonkers R – “fractured carpus”
Schomberg, Jun 12, Finger Lakes T – “fractured sesamoid”
Classy Cara, Jun 14, Belmont T – “fractured sesamoid”
Freeze the Account, Jun 17, Belmont R – “[multiple] fractures, euthanized on track”
Run Juja Run, Jun 19, Finger Lakes R (euth Jun 27) – “laminitis without resolution”
Mary Pray for Us, Jun 21, Finger Lakes R – “DNF – euthanized on the track”
New Pass, Jun 23, Belmont R – “fractured cannon…euthanized on track”
Luzinski, Jun 27, Belmont R – “pulled up…euthanized on track”
Dream Host, Jul 4, Finger Lakes R – “went down, euthanized on track”
David’s Elaine, Jul 7, Finger Lakes R – “broke down, euthanized on track”
Presumptuous, Jul 7, Saratoga T – “sustained fractures”
Livid Luke, Jul 22, Monticello S – “found unresponsive”
Heartspoke, Jul 25, Saratoga R – “horse collapsed on track”
Macho Citizen, Jul 28, Saratoga R – “fractured sesamoids”
Charlonique, Jul 30, Belmont T – “[multiple] fractures”
My Flying Dragon, Jul 30, Finger Lakes S – “suffered major head injury”
Maddie’s Revenge, Jul 30, Finger Lakes R – “pulled up, vanned off, euthanized”
Frosty Gal, Aug 1, Saratoga S – “ran loose…sustained injuries”
Gabriella, Aug 6, Belmont T – “pelvic fracture”
Master Manipulator, Aug 6, Saratoga S – “collapsed and died”
My Perfect Gem, Aug 8, Finger Lakes R – “pulled up, euthanized”
Biz Boss, Aug 17, Saratoga T – “fractured sesamoids”
Indifference, Aug 20, Saratoga T – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Bowie, Aug 26, Saratoga R – “horse injured…euthanized on track”
Check My Pulse, Aug 27, Monticello R – “injury to pastern, necessitating euthanasia”
Mischief Maker, Aug 28, Tioga T – “knuckled over, shattering pastern”
Thunderbird Wings, Aug 30, Finger Lakes S – “colic without resolution”
Swift One, Aug 30, Finger Lakes T – “fractured sesamoid”
Cleo’s Reign, early Sep, Finger Lakes T (euthanized Sep 13) – “fractured sesamoids”
Ready for Rye, Sep, Saratoga S – “colic”
Royal Blessing, Sep 4, Saratoga S – “found dead in his stall – ileal rupture”
Northernstreetgal, Sep 7, Belmont S – “chronic septic tendon sheath infection”
Quaff, Sep 8, Belmont T – “removed from track via ambulance – euthanasia”
Cool Breeze De Vie, Sep 8, Tioga R – “collapsed and died following the race”
Business Expense, Sep 13, Saratoga T – “[multiple] fractures”
Hard Study, Sep 16, Saratoga T (euthanized Sep 18) – “fractured sesamoids”
Loose, Sep 21, Belmont R – “fractures necessitating euthanasia”
Forbade, Sep 24, Saratoga T – “condylar fracture”
Kieran Street, Sep 27, Finger Lakes R – “broke down…euthanized on track”
Aqua Bel Sar, Sep 30, Belmont T – “collapsed in area of 1/16th pole”
A True Giant, early Oct, Belmont T (euthanized Oct 28) – “severe laminitis”
Panchester United, Oct 5, Saratoga Harness R – “fractured pastern”
Charnley River, Oct 6, Finger Lakes R – “collapsed and died after the finish”
St. Barts, Oct 6, Saratoga T – “collapsed – pulmonary hemorrhage”
Carradine, Oct 7, Finger Lakes S – “colic without resolution”
K’s Cabernet, Oct 10, Aqueduct T – “fractured cannon…euthanized on track”
Field Sense, Oct 12, Finger Lakes S – “colic without resolution”
Miss Technicality, Oct 14, Belmont T – “to barn via ambulance, euthanized”
Tell You What, Oct 14, Belmont R – “fractured cannon, euthanasia on track”
Flirtin N Flashin, Oct 18, Finger Lakes R – “broke down in the stretch”
Love Poochie Loo, Oct 25, Finger Lakes S – “colic without resolution”
Rahy’s Bandit, Oct 26, Belmont T – “fracture to leg, euthanized on the track”
KJ Henry Michael, Oct 27, Monticello S – “found deceased in stall early morning”
Gotcha Gabin, Nov 4, Aqueduct T – “sesamoid, euthanized on track”
Buddy’s Tiz, Nov 5, Belmont T – “collapsed and died”
Smooth Move, Nov 8, Aqueduct T – “pelvic fracture”
Tizz Hip, Nov 8, Finger Lakes T – “fractured sesamoid”
Andesine, Nov 11, Aqueduct R – “collapsed and died walking down the track”
R Caan, Nov 13, Monticello S – “injury during shipment”
Last Chant, Nov 15, Finger Lakes R – “fractured condylar”
Malibu Strings, Nov 29, Belmont T – “injured, poor prognosis, euthanasia”
Three Perfections, Dec 1, Aqueduct R – “fatal musculoskeletal injury to front leg”
Frankies Rockngirl, Dec 7, Batavia R – “ambulanced off track and euthanized”
Formal Event, Dec 7, Belmont S – “found deceased in stall”
Bluegrass Flash, Dec 8, Aqueduct R (euthanized Dec 9) – “sheath laceration”
Consensus Thinking, Dec 20, Aqueduct R – “sustained injury, euthanasia on track”
Big Mischief, Dec 23, Aqueduct R – “sustained injury – euthanized on track”
Three Eighty Eight, Dec 25, Belmont S – “pneumonia of approximately two weeks”
Whata Hustler, Jan 2 (2019), Monticello S – “severe chronic right forelimb infection”
Doyouknowsomething, Jan 8, Belmont S – “sustained left elbow injury in stall”
Westerdale, Jan 12, Aqueduct R – “suffered RH fracture…euthanized on track”
Speke, Jan 19, Belmont T – “suffered a fracture to his shoulder…euthanized on track”
Regal Delight, Jan 23, Monticello R – “fractured LF distal limb”
Tommy T, Jan 27, Aqueduct R – “fractured sesamoids…euthanized on track”
Catpsalm, Jan 29, Belmont S – “protozoal myeloencephalitis”
Miss Marion, Feb 3, Belmont T – “fractured cannon bone…euthanized on track”
Chronos, Feb 3, Belmont T (euthanized Feb 4) – “fractured RF leg”
Tracey’s Desire, Feb 7, Yonkers R – “collapsed on track”
Tiger Man, Feb 8, Aqueduct R (euthanized Feb 9) – “sustained injury to LF leg”
Celebrity Tsipras, Feb 10, Monticello S – “euthanized following fall”
For Pops, Feb 26, Belmont T – “collapsed and died” (four years old)
Queen Bode, Mar 3, Belmont T – “euthanized at hospital”
Queen of Umaill, Mar 9, Aqueduct T – “pulled up lame…euthanized”
Mighty Zealous, Mar 10, Belmont S – “severe respiratory distress…euthanized”
Miss Marilyn, Mar 23, Belmont T – “leg injury…euthanasia on the track”
Bonafide Bandit, Mar 26, Finger Lakes S – “cast in stall”
Miss Mimosa, Mar 28, Belmont T – “cardiovascular collapse” (three years old)
Shooby Said, Mar 30, Buffalo R – “took bad step at finish, ambulanced off, euthanized”
Pretty Enuff, Apr 1, Belmont T – “suffered a leg fracture…euthanized”
Owen’s Express, Apr 2, Finger Lakes T – “fractured right shoulder”
Luz Mimi, Apr 4, Belmont T – “suffered a leg fracture…euthanized”
La Manche, Apr 11, Belmont T – “suffered a fracture and was euthanized”
Atomic Sealster, Apr 11, Tioga T – “fell over…subsequently stopped breathing”
Twincreeks Jack, May 1, Monticello R – “euthanized following severe injury”
Noble Cause, May 11, Belmont R – “injuries necessitating euthanasia”
Facade, May 11, Finger Lakes S – “colic”
Classiesistar N, May 14, Monticello R – “broke down, euthanasia administered”
Anne’s Song, May 24, Belmont R – “ambulanced off, euthanized due to poor prognosis”
Golden Julia, May 25, Saratoga T (died May 30) – “acute blood loss, pelvic injury”
Heaven Rocks, Jun 1, Buffalo R (died three days later) – “in distress, collapsed”
Investment Analyst, Jun 7, Saratoga T – “sustained leg injury necessitating euthanasia”
Successful Mission, Jun 9, Belmont T – “sustained fractures while breezing”
Inflection, Jun 9, Belmont R – “pulled up, vanned off, euthanized”
Easy Livin, Jun 15, Monticello T – “collapsed on track and died”
Ro Bear, Jun 16, Belmont S – “died in the barn from an apparent impaction colic”
Rumor Goin Round, Jun 20, Yonkers R – “sustained injury to LH leg”
With Caution, Jun 28, Belmont T – “P1 fracture…died from complications”
Fancy Persuasion, Jun 30, Belmont R – “went down dead on the track” (two years old)
Gattino Marrone, Jul 3, Saratoga T – “fractured sesamoids – euthanized”
Dash For The Cash, Jul 9, Monticello R – “died following 2nd place win”
Ransom Note, Jul 10, Finger Lakes R – “fractured 3rd carpel”
yet-to-be-named, Jul 11, Belmont T – “fractured sesamoids – euthanized”
She’sakittykat, Jul 12, Finger Lakes S – “laminitis”
D Emcee, Jul 12, Finger Lakes T – “fractured sesamoid necessitating euthanasia”
Fight Night, Jul 12, Saratoga R – “fell heavily after the wire…euthanized on track”
Total Fidelity, Jul 14, Saratoga T – “fracture to LF sesamoids – euthanized”
Fabulous Prince, Jul 15, Finger Lakes R – “flipped in the gate, skull fracture”
Overlord, Jul 15, Saratoga S – “colonic rupture”
Freespin N, Jul 18, Monticello R – “broke down in stretch – euthanized”
Verravanni, Jul 25, Saratoga S – “pleuropneumonia”
La Fuerza, Jul 27, Belmont T – “fractured humeral, ambulanced to barn, euthanized”
Misspent Youth, Jul 27, Saratoga T – “cardiovascular collapse” (five years old)
Umetuka, Jul 31, Saratoga T – “injured, vanned off, euthanized”
Avon Gold, Aug 3, Finger Lakes T – “suffered a fracture to the pastern”
Divine Miss Grey, Aug 3, Saratoga R (euth Aug 26) – “complications [after] surgery”
Sundae On Sunday, Aug 4, Saratoga R – “collapsed…euthanized on track”
Frosty Millions, Aug 13, Finger Lakes R – “unresolved splint and suspensory injuries”
It’s Flashy, Aug 17, Finger Lakes T – “expired after breezing”
Take Charge Jamie, Aug 24, Finger Lakes T – “injury to leg necessitating euthanasia”
Go Big Or Go Home, Aug 28, Saratoga R – “went wrong”
Sister Beauty, Aug 31, Saratoga T – “inoperable fracture – euthanized”
Borough Boy, Sep 2, Saratoga R – “took a bad step, fell heavily, euthanized on track”
Warrens Vengeance, Sep 3, Finger Lakes R – “fracture[d] limb”
Royal Inheritance, Sep 6, Belmont T – “collapsed and died” (five years old)
Passporttovictory, Sep 6, Belmont R – “bad steps”
Mo Moxie, Sep 7, Belmont T – “sustained a fracture and was euthanized on track”
So Surprising, Sep 7, Saratoga T – “fractured sesamoids”
Deft, Sep 12, Belmont R – “fell…suffering a fatal injury”
Rhode Island, Sep 14, Belmont R – “vanned off…subsequently euthanized”
Noble Spirit, Sep 16, Saratoga T – “sustained injury…subsequently euthanized”
Coffee Crush, Sep 19, Belmont T – “apparent cardiovascular collapse” (four years old)
Have Another, Sep 20, Belmont S – “severe laminitis”
Meet Me in L A, Sep 21, Belmont R – “went wrong…euthanized”
Chazy, Sep 23, Finger Lakes R – “took a bad step – catastrophic injury to limb”
Queen Elsa, Sep 23, Saratoga Harness S – “found deceased in stall” (raced Sep 19)
Grady, Oct 7, Finger Lakes R – “broke down…euthanized on track”
Sweet Timing, Oct 9, Belmont T (euthanized Nov 29) – “pelvic injury”
Corey Q, Oct 9, Finger Lakes S – “euthanized due to worsening pneumonia”
E Z for You to Say, Oct 10, Belmont S – “severe laminitis [both front] feet”
B B Molly, Oct 10, Finger Lakes R – “carpal slab fracture necessitating euthanasia”
Mo Fun, Oct 14, Belmont T – “suffered a cardiovascular collapse” (three years old)
Bet U Cant Find Me, Oct 25, Finger Lakes T – “sustained injury to leg”
Maytime Terror, Oct 26, Saratoga Harness R – “broken pastern”
Iswear I’ll Behave, Nov, Belmont T (euthanized Dec 21) – “suspensory injury…laminitis”
Kid Robin Hood, Nov 2, Belmont T – “sustained a fracture at the 5/16 pole”
Darken a Day, Nov 10, Belmont T – “sustained injury requiring euthanasia on track”
Candy Smile, Nov 20, Aqueduct R – “injury to left front”
Long Haul Bay, Nov 21, Belmont S – “euthanized due to severe colic”
Goneonamission, Nov 24, Belmont S – “found deceased with apparent head injury”
Clear the Ramp, Nov 27, Aqueduct R – “suffered a catastrophic injury”
Giant Sandy, Nov 27, Finger Lakes R – “sustained injury…euthanized”
Gio Game, Dec 6, Belmont T – “cardiovascular collapse” (four years old)
Dino Three O Nine, Dec 8, Belmont T – “injury to RF leg…necessitat[ing] euthanasia”
Bright Diamond N, Dec 14, Yonkers R – “fell over, died on racetrack”
Riot Worthy, Dec 16, Belmont T – “sustained leg injury…necessitat[ing] euthanasia”
Outside Influence, Dec 21, Belmont T – “compound, open distal fracture”
Solar Fire, Dec 29, Belmont S – “sustained an elbow injury in his stall”
Yorkiepoo Princess, Jan 3 (2020), Belmont S – “severe laminitis”
Dark N Cloudy, Jan 20, Aqueduct R – “broke down…euthanized on track”
Jewel Can Disco, Jan 20, Belmont T – “sustained an injury while breezing…euthanized”
A Freud of Mama, Jan 24, Belmont T (euthanized Feb 8) – “passed after complications”
Quizzical Cajun, Jan 25, Aqueduct R – “catastrophic injury…euthanized on track”
yet-to-be-named, Jan 30, Belmont T – “shaft fracture…euthanized on the track”
Montauk Memories, Feb 29, Aqueduct R – “leg injury”
Krugerrand, Mar 9, Belmont S – “severe laminitis” (two years old)
Starting Point, Mar 22, Belmont T – “sustained leg injury – euthanasia”
Peter’s Project, Apr 1, Belmont S – “colic, worsened throughout day…euthanasia”
Pals Invader, Apr 17, Belmont T – “sustained leg injury at the 7/8 pole”
Appealing Briefs, Apr 23, Belmont S – “euthanized due to poor prognosis of cellulitis”
O’Bushido, May 4, Belmont S – “found deceased in stall”
Call Paul, May 6, Belmont T – “sustained injury to LH leg…necessitating euthanasia”
Schiller’s Lit, May 18, Belmont T (euthanized May 21) – “acutely lame”
Lil Morning Star, May 21, Belmont T – “injury to left front leg”
Shock Therapy, May 25, Belmont S – “pleuropneumonia, laminitis”
Bluegrass Jamboree, May 28, Belmont T – “cardiovascular collapse – expired on track”
Truck Salesman, May 31, Belmont T – “leg injury while breezing, euthanized on track”
Brahe, May 31, Belmont T – “injuries to both front legs…euthanasia on track”
Abraxan, May 31, Belmont T – “leg injury necessitating euthanasia”
Too Fast to Pass, Jun 3, Belmont R (euthanized Jun 12) – “injury to left front”
Chouchou de Boo, Jun 4, Belmont T – “several injuries…euthanized”
Freedom Prince, Jun 5, Belmont S – “taken to hospital…euthanized”
Talako, Jun 7, Belmont R – “catastrophic injury…euthanized on track”
Sky High Interest, Jun 12, Finger Lakes S – “flipped…sustained head injury”
Mystical Song, Jun 17, Belmont S – “found dead in stall…gastrointestinal disease”
Smidge, Jun 18, Belmont R – “sustained injury to left rear leg”
Cloud, Jun 18, Saratoga T – “sustained leg injury breezing”
Bonspiel, Jun 23, Belmont T – “fracture, surgery failed, euthanized”
Option Value, Jun 27, Belmont T – “sustained injury, vanned off, euthanized”
Kelly’s Secret, Jul 8, Finger Lakes T – “fracture to LF sesamoid – euthanized”
Celebration, Jul 12, Belmont S – “euthanized after battling pleuropneumonia”
Yellow Brick Road, Jul 12, Belmont T – “suffered injury near finish line – euthanized”
Crater Rim, Jul 12, Belmont R – “lacerated tendon”
Bourbon High, Jul 14, Belmont T – “sesamoid fracture”
Cleon Jones, Jul 20, Belmont S – “chronic severe laminitis…euthanized”
Apollon, Jul 24, Saratoga T – “cardiovascular collapse” (two years old)
Pasta, Jul 30, Belmont S – “injuries sustained in fall necessitated euthanasia”
Shiny Copper Penny, Aug 5, Saratoga S – “experienced sudden death”
Brag On Me, Aug 11, Saratoga T – “tibia fracture”
Wicked Mistress, Aug 12, Finger Lakes T – “slab fracture while breezing”
Lady C, Aug 16, Saratoga R – “took a bad step”
Rebel Teen, Aug 19, Batavia R – “collapsed and expired on the track”
Determined One, Aug 19, Belmont T – “cardiovascular collapse”
First Appeal, Aug 20, Saratoga R – “euthanized [for] severe injuries”
New Day Dawning, Aug 22, Belmont T – “sesamoid fracture…euthanized”
Con He Win, Aug 26, Finger Lakes R – “broke through the gate, ran through the rail”
Own the Outcome, Aug 28, Saratoga T – “fracture…euthanized”
Pot of Hunny, Aug 29, Saratoga R – “fell heavily…euthanized on track”
Ready to Escape, Aug 30, Belmont S – “colic…euthanized”
Perfection, Aug 30, Saratoga R – “suffered a catastrophic injury…euthanized”
Highly Uncertain, Aug 31, Saratoga S – “colic”
Obsidian Flow, Aug 31, Saratoga T – “[multiple fractures]”
Zunith Moon, Aug 31, Saratoga T – “fractured leg”
Siena’s Ticket, Sep 2, Saratoga S – “severe laminitis”
Samborella, Sep 4, Saratoga R – “took bad steps…euthanized”
Giuseppe the Great, Sep 5, Saratoga S – “severe laminitis”
Chief Commander, Sep 14, Saratoga T – “lame after breeze – pelvis…euthanized”
Mr Jaggers, Sep 18, Saratoga T – “injury to RF leg…euthanized”
Shirelle, Sep 19, Saratoga T – “collapsed and died after breezing” (two years old)
Tatterazzi, Sep 21, Belmont T – “[multiple] fractures”
Sea Sparkle, Sep 23, Belmont S – “horse found dead – colic of undetermined duration”
Gideon Seelster, Sep 24, Monticello R (euthanized Sep 25) – “euthanized after injury”
Unrighteous, Sep 26, Saratoga T – “collapsed and died” (three years old)
Gold Star Babs, Sep 30, Tioga S – “unresolved colitis”
Fancy Twirl, Oct 3, Saratoga S – “laminitis in all four feet”
Tikhvin Flew, Oct 4, Belmont R – “took bad steps”
Bustin Scones, Oct 5, Belmont S – “euthanized for colic”
Miss Jill, Oct 5, Finger Lakes R – “fracture to right front limb”
Eddie’s Gift, Oct 6, Finger Lakes T – “fractured shoulder”
Kaliche Gold, Oct 6, Finger Lakes T (euthanized Oct 20) – “fractured tibia”
Nero’s Fiddle, Oct 8, Belmont R – “took bad steps”
Blackjack, Oct 9, Belmont S – “cervical vertebral stenotic myelopathy”
Alysinawonderland, Oct 9, Belmont S – “horse was found dead in the stall”
Niente, Oct 11, Belmont R – “injury to the right front”
It’s Cold Out, Oct 17, Finger Lakes S – “found deceased in stall 9”
Harris Bay, Oct 19, Belmont T – “comminuted fractures”
Hedda, Oct 21, Saratoga T – “euthanized on the track”
Annapolis Hall, Oct 22, Batavia S – “presumed colic worsened”
Patriot Lady, Oct 23, Finger Lakes S – “unresolved colic”
Hemlock, Oct 25, Belmont T – “displaced, comminuted fractures; euthanized on track”
Maddy Black, Oct 27, Finger Lakes R – “fractured limb, euthanasia on track”
Rock N Warrior, Nov 1, Belmont T (euthanized Dec 30) – “condylar fracture”
High Knuckles, Nov 3, Belmont T – “pulled up severely lame…euthanized”
Beautiful Amaila, Nov 5, Belmont T – “injury to it [sic] legs, euthanized on track”
Golden Zapper, Nov 8, Belmont T – “sustained injury…euthanized”
Unbridled Mischief, Nov 9, Belmont T – “multiple fractures…euthanized on track”
Red Ice, Nov 10, Belmont S – unknown
Mr. Tag, Nov 22, Aqueduct R – “exam revealed necessity for euthanasia”
Sky of Hook, Nov 22, Aqueduct R – “injuries necessitating euthanasia”
Stay Fond, Nov 27, Aqueduct R – “suffered an injury to her right front leg”
Tied Up, Nov 27, Aqueduct R – “returned in distress, collapsed fatally” (five years old)
Thursday, Nov 29, Aqueduct R – “fractured both sesamoids LF leg”
Dorothy’s Star, Dec 10, Belmont T – “humeral fracture”
Linkjack Hanover, Dec 18, Yonkers R – “euthanasia necessitated by [racing] injury”
Hit It Once More, Dec 19, Aqueduct R – “dual sesamoid fracture”
Vermont Billy, Dec 23, Belmont T – “LF leg injury…euthanized due to poor prognosis”
Sander’s Empire, Jan 1 (2021), Aqueduct R – “suffered an injury, euthanized on track”
Escape, Jan 1, Belmont T (euthanized Jan 3) – “collapsed while breezing”
All Mo, Jan 7, Belmont T – “open distal radial fracture”
Spy Story, Jan 8, Aqueduct R – “took bad steps”
That’s Official, Jan 12, Monticello T – “collapsed…died on track”
Cerretalto, Jan 29, Belmont S – “colic…euthanized due to poor prognosis”
Oh My Papa, Feb 4, Belmont T – “suffered injuries while breezing”
Daytime Doll, Feb 6, Belmont T – “pulled up…euthanized on track”
Kj Brent, Feb 9, Monticello S – “euthanized in barn following fall and fracture”
Nisbet Beach, Feb 15, Aqueduct R – “fell heavily…euthanized on track”
Prospect Mountain, Feb 20, Belmont T – “sustained mid-body fractures”
Creative Style, Mar 7, Aqueduct R – “took a bad step”
Cam Funny, Mar 8, Monticello S – “found dead in a.m.”
Melanie’s Filly, Mar 8, Monticello R – “bad step, pastern fracture”
Whisper Wisdom, Mar 10, Belmont S – “joint infection”
Hyperactive Chris, Mar 10, Belmont T – “broke down near the wire”
Big Luther, Mar 13, Belmont T – “sustained open fractures”
Kiss Me Dave, Mar 20, Aqueduct R – “fell fatally” (two years old, first race)
Twice An Angel, Mar 22, Monticello R – “sustained injury to LF leg”
Unrelenting Force, Mar 28, Aqueduct R – “sustained injury to RF leg”
Niiji, Mar 31, Belmont S – “pleuropneumonia”
Voodoo Magic, Apr 5, Belmont S – “acute colic” (two years old)
Beastie D, Apr 13, Belmont S – “died due to injuries sustained in barn fire”
American Sailor, Apr 13, Belmont S – “died due to injuries sustained in barn fire”
Always Rock N Roll, Apr 17, Buffalo R – “injury to left back leg necessitating euthanasia”
Haikal, Apr 22, Belmont T – “injury to LF leg”
Determined Heart, Apr 22, Belmont R – “injured, vanned off, [euthanized]”
Singapore Trader, Apr 24, Belmont T – “pulled up lame”
Lady Sansa, Apr 28, Belmont T – “fetlock injury…developed laminitis post [surgery]”
Buyer’s Remorse, May 1, Belmont T – “sustained an injury at the wire”
Mama Kin, May 7, Belmont R – “lacerated tendon”
Schwarbertown, May 12, Finger Lakes T – “fractured pastern”
Sister Alexa, May 12, Finger Lakes T – “fractured fetlock”
Mister Bobby, May 13, Saratoga T – “collapsed and died” (five years old)
Latin Love Bug, May 14, Belmont R – “went wrong, fell”
yet-to-be-named 2-year-old, May 23, Belmont S – “infection, died in stall”
Dads Honor, May 23, Belmont T – “leg injury while breezing – euthanized on track”
Cin Cin Cowboy, May 24, Finger Lakes R – “took a bad step, fractured both sesamoids”
Playthatfunnymusic, May 29, Belmont R – “catastrophic injury…euthanized on track”
Teardown This Wall, May 30, Buffalo S – “colic, unresponsive to medical treatment”
Singular Sensation, May 31, Belmont R – “catastrophic injury…euthanized on track”
Lullula, Jun 1, Belmont T (euthanized Jun 6) – “left carpal injury”
Micromillion, Jun 3, Belmont S – “colic…euthanized due to poor prognosis”
Tapitena, Jun 5, Finger Lakes S – “suddenly collapsed and expired” (three years old)
Apocalypse, Jun 11, Vernon R – “heart attack” (five years old)
Greek Sonnet, Jun 16, Finger Lakes R (euthanized Jun 18) – “fractured RF”
Tia Vicky, Jun 21, Belmont S – “found deceased in its stall”
Lord Camden, Jun 22, Finger Lakes R – “fractured fetlock…euthanized on track”
Bad As Bart, Jun 24, Monticello S – “foundered”
Not That Brady, Jun 26, Belmont T – “RH injury, ambulanced off, euthanized”
Charge Into War, Jun 26, Belmont R – “fracture, cardiac arrest after surgery”
Trucking Baron, Jun 29, Saratoga S – “chronic laminitis”
Fiddlers Girl, Jul 13, Belmont T – “pelvic fracture, euthanized”
Strong Moment, Jul 16, Saratoga R – “catastrophic injury…euthanized on the course”
Independent One, Jul 17, Tioga R – “RH injury…euthanized by track vet”
Pleasure Luck, Jul 18, Saratoga R (euthanized Jul 19) – “took a bad step”
Fattoria, Jul 19, Saratoga T – “pelvic injury necessitating euthanasia”
Solo Story, Jul 23, Tioga T – “sustained broken leg, euthanized by track vet”
Fiya, Jul 31, Saratoga T – “injury to RH leg…euthanized”
Arlene’s Kitten, Aug 2, Finger Lakes T – “tender and sore, pelvic fracture located”
Twisted Gratitude, Aug 4, Finger Lakes S – “expired in her stall – probable colic”
Butter Lou, Aug 5, Saratoga R – “injur[ed] after wire, vanned to barn, euthanized”
Allstar Energy, Aug 7, Batavia R – “[multiple] fractures”
Fifth Avenue Red, Aug 7, Saratoga T – “pulled up, vanned off, euthanized”
Volpaia, Aug 10, Saratoga T – “fell over rail, multiple injuries, euthanized”
Big Smoove, Aug 15, Batavia S – “found laying in the stall…passed away on his own”
Red Roll, Aug 15, Batavia R – “fractured left fore [in crash], euthanized”
Informed Risk, Aug 16, Belmont S – “laminitis” (had training session four days prior)
Go With Honor, Aug 17, Finger Lakes T – “received a fracture”
Matt Major, Aug 18, Monticello R – “fractured pastern”
Olympico, Aug 21, Saratoga T – “RH condylar injury”
Quick Nick, Aug 25, Belmont T – “shoulder injury, euthanized”
Wasn’t Me, Aug 26, Saratoga T – “possible heart attack” (two years old)
America’s Joy, Aug 29, Saratoga T – “fracture while breezing, broke neck in fall”
Tri Saint Lorenzo, Sep 1, Belmont S – “was walked to [hospital], euthanized”
Everyoneloveslily, Sep 5, Belmont T – “broke down after wire – euthanized on track”
Tivoli Twirl, Sep 5, Saratoga S – “euthanized due to severe health complications”
Cirona, Sep 10, Saratoga T – “pulled up lame, suspected pelvic…euthanized”
He’s a Lucky Devil, Sep 11, Belmont T – “horse fell – euthanized on track”
Wellbehavedman, Sep 14, Finger Lakes T – “received fracture…euthanized on track”
Baltimore Bucko, Sep 16, Belmont R – “fell fatally to the ground”
Kj Chico, Sep 21, Monticello R – “fell during race…euthanized”
Happy Happy B, Sep 26, Belmont R – “fell heavily…euthanized on track”
Tavernette, Sep 28, Finger Lakes S – “unresolved and worsening EPM”
Madrone, Oct 8, Saratoga S – “neurologic disorder, euthanized due to poor prognosis”
On the Dean’s List, Oct 15, Saratoga S – “anaphylactic reaction to antibiotics”
Work Out, Oct 17, Belmont R (euthanized Oct 28) – “euthanized in stall due to injuries”
Malibu Luna, Oct 27, Belmont S – “suffered a trauma after falling”
Advance Notice, Oct 28, Belmont R – “went wrong”
Wicked Amber, Oct 31, Belmont R – “suffered an injury, bobbling heavily”
Engineers Report, Nov 1, Finger Lakes R – “appeared in distress…euthanized on track”
Cozzy’s Attitude, Nov 5, Belmont T – “leg injury, euthanized on track”
Flip the Script, Nov 7, Belmont R – “pulled up lame after the wire…euthanized”
Electric Guitar, Nov 11, Finger Lakes T – “fractured scapula…[euthanized] on track”
Ekhtibaar, Nov 17, Belmont S – “was found DOA [inside] van”

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